Medication Labeling

VTH Policy # Pharm621

Implementation Date: 10/2021

Date of Last Revision: 3/7/2023

Next Review Due: 3/6/2025


Reviewed by VTH Administrative Team: 10/2021

Reviewed by VTH Board: N/A


Approved by VTH Director: 10/2021

Reviewed by Biosecurity Subcommittee: N/A

Subject to modification by the VTH Director without approval.


To provide the minimum requirements for labeling medications depending on if they are being used in the hospital or sent home with a patient. This policy covers all medications for VTH patients.

All medications sent home must be labeled in accordance with the Illinois Veterinary Practice Act (225 ILCS 115/17 from Ch. 111, par. 7017). All inpatient medications must, at a minimum, must have a patient sticker and the drug name on the packaging.


  • All medications the leave the hospital are labeled in accordance with the Illinois Veterinary Practice Act (225 ILCS 115/17 from Ch. 111, par. 7017). This includes date the medication was dispensed, the name of the owner, the last name of the person dispensing the medication (i.e. doctor), directions for use including dosage and quantity, and the brand or generic name of the drug.
  • All medications being used in-house will ideally be labeled with the same information. However, at a minimum, inpatient medications must have a patient sticker and the drug name.
  • Cubex does not generate labels; therefore, medications must not be dispensed from  Cubex for outpatient use.

Procedure (if applicable)

  1. Medications from the Cubex will be obtained on a dose-by-dose basis. Ideally, the medication will be administered immediately after being obtained. However, if that is not the case, the medication must be labeled with a patient sticker and the drug name (and strength if multiple strengths). For additional details on Cubex usage, refer to the Automated Dispensing Cabinet policy.
  2. Medications being sent home with clients must be entered into the HIS (Health Information System) and obtained through the dispensary or the VMSC drug room. When filled, medications must have the HIS - generated labels attached to them. These labels contain all legally required information. 
  3. For ambulatory calls, medications that are anticipated to be dispensed, should be done through the HIS as described in procedure number 2. For unanticipated medication dispensing, handwritten labels may be utilized in accordance with service-specific processes.
  4. When the HIS is experiencing downtime, legally compliant labels should be obtained by following the Medication Dispensary HIS Outage process.

Definitions (if applicable)

HIS: Health Information System

Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH): The collective clinical services of the Large Animal Clinic, Midwest Equine, the Small Animal Clinic, and the Veterinary Medicine South Clinic.

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