Animal Excrement Cleaning - Small Animal Clinic 

Purpose / Applicability: The purpose of this SOP is to describe the procedure for Animal Excrement cleaning and disinfection in the Small Animal Clinic.

Scope: The areas in the Small Animal Clinic where animals have left excrement will be cleaned and disinfected as needed. 

Excrement- Any waste matter excreted from the human or animal body, or discharged by bodily organs.

• Disposable latex or vinyl gloves
• Paper towel
• Rescue- Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide, one-step germicidal disinfectant cleaner and deodorant (0.5% hydrogen peroxide) in spray bottle or mop with bucket


  1. Wear disposable latex or vinyl gloves.
  2. Pre-clean soiled area using paper towel to remove the excrement.
  3. Dispose of excrement in trash.
    a. If possible biohazard, dispose in biohazard trash
    b. If animal has had chemotherapy, please see an Oncology staff member for specific instruction. 
  4. Spray Rescue 6-8 inches from the surface.
    a. Alternately, you may use a mop and bucket with Rescue cleaner
  5. Allow surface to remain wet for 1 minute.
  6. Wipe surface dry or allow to air dry

Last reviewed: 9/9/2022

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