Gift Fund - VTH Application Process

Last Updated: 4/7/2022

Purpose/ Applicability: The VTH administers several gift accounts that may be used to support cost of patient care for eligible owners.

Scope: Based on client/patient eligibility, funds will generally be awarded in an amount not to exceed $2,000 per patient.

Definition(s): Client Funding Policy (Reference Policy #Bill322 Client Funding Requests

  • Financial assistance is available to clients. The VTH Director or designee must authorize use of these funds based on the criteria outlined below:
    • Owner has considered Care Credit and still needs assistance.
    • Patient is judged to have a good quality of life if treated successfully.
    • Owner provides some financial support except in exceptional circumstances.
    • Owner has committed to adhere to follow-up care instructions.
    • Owner allows their case to be (anonymously) shared with the donor of the Gift Fund as well as in VTH publicity (including photographs of the patient, brief history and outcome testimonials) if treatment is successful.
    • Owner has not previously received financial assistance.
        • In exceptional circumstances, the clinician on the case can request an exception to this from the funding request committee.
    • Owner is not on the delinquent account list and does not owe money in the Health Information System or in Banner.
    • Financial Assistance should not exceed $1,000 without VTH Director approval.


  1. The client indicates that they have a financial need for assistance in paying for the cost of care for their animal.
  2. Clinical Care Team Members should communicate with their supervising faculty about the case to determine if it is a reasonable case for use of donor funds. The case should have a good prognosis. Additional criteria for gift fund eligibility are defined by the Client Funding Policy.
  3. Have the client fill out the VTH Gift Fund Application using this link or finding the form under the Resources tab on the VTH Intranet site ( The completed form will be forwarded to Client Services who will assign the form to the patient’s attending clinician/house officer as indicated in the medical record.
    • A client should never be promised gift funds prior to funds being awarded.
    • A client may complete the application prior to the visit, but no award decision will be made before clinician assessment and completion of the Clinical Summary.
    • The gift awarded will be applied to the account balance AFTER all other payments have been received. Gift awards will be UP TO a specific dollar amount and will not replace the clients committed contribution.
  1. Once the client’s application has been received, it will be forwarded to the attending clinician/house officer who must log in (upper right corner) and complete the Clinical Summary. You must complete the Clinical Summary and Save the request in order for the request to be submitted for consideration.
  2. The request will automatically be emailed to the Gift Officer email list for evaluation of eligibility for funds.
    • If requesting funds Monday-Friday 8-5, the request will be evaluated within 1 business day.
    • If needing approval for an ER patient, contact ER faculty who have authority to approve gift fund use in emergent cases up to $1,000.
    • Other services requiring approval of funds outside normal working hours may call (217) 621-6944. This number is for internal use only; do not give this number to clients.
    • Funds are generally limited to no more than $2,000 per patient; if the anticipated cost of care exceeds the total amount available between owners contributions and gift funds, an alternative patient treatment plan should be explored with the client.
    • If gift funds will likely be awarded based on the criteria above a full deposit may not be required, this decision shall be made after the client has fulfilled the financial commitment indicated on the gift fund application.
  1. Approved funding will be communicated to the attending clinician who will need to go fill out the electronic adjustment form, selecting gift/donor funds and the following net ID: jkwhitti (Julia Whittington).  
    • The attending clinician will need to have a photograph of the patient to upload as per the gift fund agreement.
    • Clients should be advised that if there is a credit remaining on their account after treatment and gift funds were received, they will not be refunded the credit.

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