VTH Job Shadowing Process

Last Updated: 8/23/2022

Purpose/ Applicability: To outline the process that takes place when a person wants to job shadow at the VTH.

Scope: This covers University of Illinois students and staff members as well as community members wishing to job shadow at the VTH.


  • Job Shadower – hereby referred to as Observer
  • Minor – person under the age of eighteen (18)
  • netID - a name assigned that is unique across all University of Illinois campuses, serving as a login for many University computing and networking services
  • VTH – Veterinary Teaching Hospital
  • WMC – Wildlife Medical Clinic


  1. Per the Volunteer, Job Shadowing and Educational Programs Policy (#Sec1203), observers must be sixteen (16) years of age or older. 

  2. If the applicant is a Minor:
    a) Contact the VTH Director’s office or WMC Director or coordinator, whichever is appropriate, to ensure that a Protection of Minors Event Form has been completed sufficient to cover the event and approved by Illinois Human Resources. This must be done prior to Step 3.
      i) A form should be submitted:
         (1) Annually to encompass visiting field trips or job shadowing activities.
         (2) By the direct supervisor if one on one alone time will occur during the shadowing event.
      ii) Per campus policy, background checks and sex offender registry checks will occur for those submitting the form.
    b) Anyone supervising the Minor must watch the following video: http://police.illinois.edu/services/protection-of-minors/interacting-with-minors/.

  3. Supervisor will send the link below to observers for them to complete the Job Shadow Agreement & Release of Liability form. It is located on the intranet under VTH, Resources, Forms. https://go.vetmed.illinois.edu/vthjobshadow

  4. Those applicants that are U of I students or employees will log in using their netID and password.

  5. Those applicants that are not U of I students or employees will be made to create an account via the link so that proper tracking takes place. If a minor, their parent or guardian must create the account, which acts as a signature. 

  6. The applicant will receive an email notification of a received application. They will be provided a link to complete the VTH Information Security Compliance Form (on the intranet under VTH, Resources, Forms) and a link to the Volunteer, Job Shadowing and Educational Programs Policy. Job shadowing may not take place until this form is completed.

  7. Once the applicant completes the online Job Shadow Agreement and Release of Liability form, an email notification goes to the Referral Coordinator, the supervisor of Medical Records and Web Help Desk (MedRecHelp@illinois.edu).
     a) Medical Records supervisor: 
       i) To verify that applicant completes the VTH Security Information Compliance form (med rec receives an email once form is completed). 
       ii) Once the applicant has completed the VTH Information Security Compliance Form, the Medical Records supervisor will go into the application system to select that this step has been completed, thereby sending an email notification to the service the applicant selected so that the applicant may begin observing.
     b) VTH Service:
       i) Do not receive an email notification of application since they already know the applicant is applying. This prevents them from receiving numerous emails.
       ii) Do receive email notification once Medical Records process has been completed. Observer may not job shadow until this has been received.
       iii) Included in the email notification is a link to the campus site on interacting with minors. Interacting with minors - Public Safety (illinois.edu) 
      c) Web Help Desk: as backup if Medical Records supervisor is out.

    8) Once complete, the form cannot be edited and will be finalized and read-only.

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