Farms Ambulatory Bag

VTH Policy # Pharmacy636

Implementation Date: 10/2021

Date of Last Review: 3/27/2023

Next Review Due: 5/2023


Reviewed by VTH Administrative Team: 10/2021

Reviewed by VTH Board: N/A


Reviewed by Legal Counsel: N/A

Reviewed by Biosecurity Subcommittee: N/A

Subject to modification by the VTH Director without approval.


The intent of this policy is to describe the inventory and proper use of the farms ambulatory bag for controlled substances.This applies to the controlled substance inventory maintained for the farms ambulatory truck. The only controlled substances for farms that may be stored outside of the Cubex machine are those described below. They must be maintained in accordance with the guidelines below


The Farms Ambulatory Bag will contain the controlled substances needed for use by the farms service when going out on farm calls. The bag will contain the following:

  • Telazol 5ml: 3 vials
  • Ketamine 10ml: 3 vials (restock when a vial is emptied)
  • Euthanasia Solution 100ml: 3 vials (restock when a vial is emptied)
  • Butorphanol 10ml: 1 vial (restock when the vial is less than half full)

Each drug will have a tamper-proof bag. Each vial will have a yellow log sheet attached to it. Each time the drug is used, it must be logged on the yellow sheet. When a vial is emptied, the empty vial and yellow sheet shall be returned to the Dispensary.

The kit will be stored in the locked box inside the farms ambulatory truck. Weekly, someone from farms will bring the kit to the Dispensary to have the quantities and logs verified by a pharmacist. The pharmacist will do an actual draw for all opened vials in open tamper-proof bags. The pharmacist will mark the verification on the yellow log sheet and restock the kit as necessary. The pharmacist will also verify that the charges were entered for each dose logged on a yellow sheet.

  • When restocking the kit, the pharmacist will enter a ward stock charge for the necessary medication and pin the medication through. A yellow log sheet will be filled out in the standard manner.

When picking up the bag, the person from farms will sign the log sheet maintained in the pharmacy. The log sheet will have an entry each time the bag is verified by pharmacy and then returned to the farms tech/doctor.

Definitions (if applicable)

Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH): The collective clinical services of the Large Animal Clinic, Midwest Equine, the Small Animal Clinic, and the Veterinary Medicine South Clinic.

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