VTH Board Minutes 12/9/2021

Attendees: Scott Austin, Ken Welle, Thomas Lowery, Natalie Lamphier, Stephanie Camp, Stephanie Keating, Alyssa Duncan, Dennis French, Julia Whittington, Ed Garrett, Laura Garrett

Updates: Info Only

Personnel Updates

  • Administrative Assistant – starting interviews next week
  • Potential coordination with Pathways/VitalRads to recruit Radiologist


  • There are no active panic buttons in the VTH. We are working with campus police to determine options as our security company has become non-responsive.


  • Ophthalmology service is closing 12/17. Technicians will be reassigned. Search for faculty on-going.
  • Shelter Medicine is closed. Students are going to CCHS for rotation. Shelter interns are working in Primary Care and will be doing out-rotations. Dr. Frazier will assume an instructor position if successfully completes internship.
  • IMC ward space remains closed. Critical staff hires have occurred and once trained, IMC will reopen (anticipated Feb)


  • HIS Update & Expectations – SANDI platform will be operational for CSRs at end of Dec. Remainder of clinical services transferred by end of FY. Calls for testing are mandatory, and feedback is necessary.
  • Advancement efforts – project ideas have been presented to several alum/grateful clients/donors
  • Incident Reporting – any untoward or unanticipated negative incident that occurs in association with VTH services will be reported. Unexpected deaths will result in offer of necropsy with no cost to owner.

3:00 VTH Report Summary

  • Overview of current financial state with draft November
    • 45K deficit for Nov., revenue increasing 2% to date while expenses increasing by 13%, need to consider a mid-year increase, likely ~4%. Current campus tax is 32.5%, fringe is 40.24%.
  • State funding cuts (teaching budgets) – moving from 30K to 17K. Based on average use over previous years.
  • ACTION ITEM: S. Camp will prepare budget scenarios to present to Board in January.

Other Financial Updates

  • Gift Fund Use Policy – Audit last year revealed issues. Funds with large balances and low/no spending are of concern. Must be spent to meet donor intent. New policy will detail how services will evaluate use/plan for use of funds.
  • Therio Contract Proposal – new contract for farm near Springfield IL. Seems to be in order. Details in contract for farm to cover expenses of services provided. Benefit is primarily for the house officers.
  • VetCT Price Increases (effective 1/1/2022) – contract will require increase. Missed increase for 2021. UI garners a 10% discount as preferred partner, proposal for next year is 20% discount based on anticipated caseload and commitment to allow Vet CT to host quarterly lunch and learns for VM students. Virtual locum is reading UI cases as part of fee during locum hours.

Ward 4 Services 

  • Farrier and Equine Therio – Beginning early in 2022, Farrier will have in-house hours on Monday at VTH. New liaison position to coordinate cases between EQMS and Farrier (D. French interested). Equine Therio will be utilizing Ward 4 and vacating Ward 3. Mares (no stallions) that need to be housed in Ward 2 to be coordinated between faculty. New CSR being hired to support Ward 4 service receiving.

Vet Tech Recruiting

  • Alyssa – we are getting creative about outreach. National shortage. We are advertising in new spaces, created marking materials, we are reaching out to 5 vet tech programs in IL to encourage application to our program by graduates, also looking to host open house/job fair. Support applicants in application process. Trying to garner financial support for student externship program/housing.

  • Also having some success in hiring Vet Assistants.

Medication Dispensary Audit

  • Findings and Impact – The audit is on-going, but the dispensary portion is complete. Major deficits pertain to the following:
    • Inventory – An inventory system is lacking, and the VTH will be required to implement one within a specific timeframe.
    • Auditing – Service inventory, charge integrity, and record keeping has insufficient controls. New VTH policy will allow for internal audit to address deficits.
    • Licensing – Vet Practice Act allows for VTH clinicians to practice without a license. Pharmacy law requires a license for a veterinarian to prescribe medication. VTH clinicians (including interns and residents) who are eligible to be licensed in the state of Illinois will be required to do so. Process will be started for I/R immediately after match.

Service Business

  • Anesthesia - Code Collars and Recover CPR training. Alyssa to take on with help from Ang and others to build internal CPR training tools. Code Collar SOP to be reviewed and sent by Dr. Keating to Alyssa. Will be posted and implemented Jan. 1st.

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