VTH Board Minutes 9/23/2021

Attendees: J. Whittington, D. French, T. Harper, S. Austin, E. Garrett, L. Garrett, K. Welle, S. Keating, T. Lowery, S. Camp, A. Duncan, D. Sullivan

Updates: Info Only

Personnel Updates

  • Dept. Head search is underway, 3 candidates interviewing
  • No candidates for Ophtho, integrated repro (see P&L in Box), ECC
  • 1 candidate for spay-neuter (vSwailes) – should start interviews in Oct
    o Gretchen Reid to help in teaching component with CCHS while faculty searches are on-going
    o Valentine to help with Community Cat Days 
  • Will be posting Ortho sx (vHarper)
  • Waiting on response to offer for STS
  • Contract for imaging faculty partnership with campus (waiting to hear more from campus)


  • Renovation for SAIM ongoing


  • Support for administrative appointment % for service heads/section heads off clinical appointments. Recommending equivalent to 1 day/month, ~3% - Next steps, update FAR report and appointment letters.


  • COVID measures – email sent out on Sept. 17 RE service efforts to assess building access of personnel.

3:00 VTH Report Summary

  • No Final Budget Approval Yet – August 2021 operations uploaded to Box (net for August operations $55K revenue over expenses)

Updates - VTH Initatives

  • Faculty Professional Development funds – new policy uploaded to Boxand approved by board. Administration to make small updates to wording & send notification out to all faculty.E Unity – Justification for system uploaded to Box would need to be funded from imaging operations.
  • Does this make sense to be funded from operations? Justification appears to speak to the teaching aspect (more-so house officers, as opposed to students. Would this integrate with a new system should be pursue one (aka replace PACS)?
    • Not widespread favor for funding this on operations
  • Inventory System - Looking into integration with Jaggaer (system that we use for university procurement). Demo completed last week, and CJ is very happy with product. Looking at possibility of integration with HIS so that we could utilize the system for pharmacy, as well. Campus is now included in discussions (potential to pursue on a larger scale –include human health in Chicago and other departments on UIUC campus).
  • Locum compensation – Raise locum stipends. HR states they are not independent contractors (therefore) cannot qualify for 1099 pay. Essentially, we would need to have zero control over their work in order to pay on a 1099 versus W-2. 
    • How can we be more attractive to locums?
    • Needing STS, Ophtho, MWE, ECC
  • Food/Drink in clinical areas – In preparation of CEO, looking at clinical spaces and food/drink. Lisa Shipp looking into options.
    • Alyssa is awaiting feedback from NAVCA lists (no responses)
  • Oncology expansion – Donor identified funding increased positions/staffing for oncology, if university funds the expansion. University agreed – project dependent upon donor signing their part of the contract. Oncology came up with concept design & put together their planning document. Approved by board of trustees, appears to be moving forward – start the bid process for architects. 3.5 year project timeline.

Integrated Food Animal Therio Position 

P&L uploaded to box - Summary: 

  • Using estimated average revenue, net effect zero on P&L)
  • Potential to increase recruiting of house officers for our LA services & expand these services
  • Moving forward with this initiative

SA Lobby Renovation Plan Review

Timeline: potential launch after Thanksgiving 


  • Convex versus concave on the reception/cashier area (animals may be too close when checking out/admitting on current blueprints – try to build partitions to serve as some type of barrier)
  • Can’t have cats/dogs across from each other – would recommend the last section for cats only (farthest away from reception)
  • Cut down the office (Emily’s space) & make more room for exam rooms. Exam rooms E113/E111 could potentially be made into 3 rooms.
  • Action item: Board members make notes/suggestions further from the lobby expansion blueprint and return 

Other Items:

  •  Phone issues remain – not being transferred appropriately and HOs not answering phone calls – patients being left in critical condition (communication between services & front desk staff)

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