VTH Board Minutes 8/26/2021

Attendees: E. Garrett, T. Lowery, S. Keating, J. Whittington, K. Welle, D. French, A. Duncan, S. Camp, T. Harper. (Remote): D. Sullivan, L. Garrett, S. Austin

Updates: Info Only

Personnel Updates

  • Search updates – MDVC – offer to primary care instructor; Diagnostic Imaging – working with pathways vet alliance and vital rads to create a cooperative agreement for 75/25 partnership with the 75% on-site at IL, this will benefit them by training residents; Swine production – on hold, some money will be used to pay Dr. Storms as an instructor with full teaching appointment; Ophtho – 2 positions open, will be at the ACVO job fair; Surg Onc – failed search, will repost; Rad Onc – negotiating with J. Lawrence; LA instructor – open; LA ER position – open; General SX – open; STS – interviewing Dr. Reeves; SAS instructor – Dr. Chu signed; Shelter Med –interviewing soon; 
  • FY22 hiring plan – neurologist, cardiologist, and SAIM clinical track
  • Dr. Caroline Tonozzi has resigned Oct 1st


  • ER, ICU, and IMC moving/moved
  • SAIM work begins Monday (tech lockers)


  • CSRs for LAC and VMSC

3:00 VTH Report Summary 

  • FY21 Final Financial Review – Overall 18% increase in revenue in FY21.
  • Cash balance for VTH is $4.2M, $690K committed – we are then keeping reserve to keep running for 3 months.
  • Capital equipment requests are funded out of affiliate year funds allocated to VTH.
  • Hiring Plan – released (see above)
  • FY22 Budget Update

Updates - VTH Initiatives 

  • Diagnostic Imaging – See above
  • Day Boarding – Original intent was for overnight staff who lived in building overnight. It used to be four runs in 2 locations and one cage room. It is very difficult to provide oversight and policing. We also have situations for emotional support animals that are allowed with prior approval. Dog runs in VMSC – they run their own program. MDVC – put in policy that boarding could only be for those personnel that worked greater than 12 hours shifts. Otherwise, there could be a fee that was still less than a dog walker. Can’t be disruptive. We currently have 25 cages, some with multiple animals. 
    • Discussion – reasonable to have ability to have animal here if the person will be working longer. No distinction between faculty vs. staff. Could be more sharing of cages, but complicated because there can be overbooking. IF there is cost to the VTH, either in time or resources, then we should have a charge. If not, then we can continue. There is benefit, but perhaps space outside of clinics.
  • Equine Therio – will need to move inventory currently in ward 4, therio service wants to expand, will set up a meeting to coordinate plans with other equine and LAC services.
  • Locums – locum stipends will likely be increasing. As of now, we have no ophthalmology locums after Dec. 2021. We are working to recruit. 
  • ECC – C. Tonozzi has resigned and K. Donzi has resigned. Some changes are planned to coordinate new oversight model.
  • Technicians – We can now have open and continuous testing until our open positions are reduced.

Pharmacy Proposal

  • There was unanimous support for expanding the hours of the medication dispensary. 
    • Discussion – proposal to hire 1 FTE pharmacist, 1 FTE technician, 1 FTE business manager. Additional expense $190K without business manager. Surcharge would be tricky to implement with regards to LA drug cost sensitivity. A pharmacy resident has been approved for next July and they could cover some of the hours. Would like to see options with budget impact.

Service Issues

  • SAND – Neuro used to do spinal taps in anesthesia prep area. Now there is not an option. Alyssa will work on which room (OR 9 and OR 10) is used for what procedures and SOP for how to manage room.
  • Outside door will be unlocked during Einstein’s hours once we have private.
  • VM601 – do we have services or people who will have concerns about having students on rotations. It is planned to have all the students on rotations and it will be important plan for the services.
  • Ward I – safety animal handling initiative moving forward.
  • Meetings in person.

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