VTH Board Minutes 5/27/2021

Attendees: J. Whittington, D. French, S. Austin, L. Garrett, E. Garrett, S. Keating, T. Harper, D. Sullivan, T. Lowery, K. Welle, S. Camp (Absent: N. Lamphier, A. Duncan)

Updates: Info Only

Personnel Updates

  • Searches
    • Negotiations on-going with Drs. Corbin, Griffin, Gleason
    • Dr. Rao interviewed
    • In progress: ECC instructor, UCC, LA ER faculty, ophtho, imaging, 


  • Expansion project – on track – anesthesia to move within 2 weeks
  • Equine surgery – kick off
  • New – Oncology Expansion Project to be funded by a donor


  • Ophtho rotation – Fleming June 7th last day 
  • Dentistry rotation – Kling’s last day on clinics is today & Somrak to receive Tu/Th, W EOW. Jaw fractures referred out.
    No change to rotation schedule.

PACS - Proposal for RFP

  • File in Box – board in agreement with pursuing this further

Imaging Program/ Staffing

Dr. Oliveira increasing visits to 4 weeks out of the year on-site. Exploring options for the service with continued expansion:

  • Continue to recruit (more faculty on-site)
  • VetCT training partnership. 
  • Possible opportunity – partner with Dr. Corbin’s partner interested in pursuing imaging training.
  • Partner with CCVM for this hosted residency? Chicago is likely a better location – able to read CTs, images, etc.

Vaccine Survey Results and Recommendations 

  • VTH – 75.4% vaccination rate, 77.8% response rate, 58.7 % vaccination rate assuming non-responses are not vaccinated.
  • Clinical Year students – 89.3% vaccination rate, 80.4% response rate, 71.8% vaccination rate assuming non-responses are not vaccinated.
  • What do we want to do when we reach Phase 5? More of a concern on the SA side because of the volume of different clients being seen. 
  • Seems appropriate that we would continue to wear the mask as a healthcare provider (we don’t know why some clients may not be able to vaccinate)
  • Standardize education on protocol.
  • CCVM – allow clients back in & still requiring masks, waiting in exam rooms 

Section Head/Service Head compensation ideas

Ideas: A heartfelt thank you!, % appointment for purposes of FAR, or $ as service in excess or professional development funds

  • Tax free PD/CE funds available – widely favored
  • FAR appointment: would not be able to actually take time off clinics, but could reflect on your % appointment to reflect actual time spent.

Budget Review Budget Proposal

Board approved cardio faculty proposal & approved projections for FY22 with a 2.85% rate increase.

  • Department to request funding for neuro faculty proposal


  • The VTH had revenue over expenses of $387,867.64 for clinical operations (fund 301732) in April.


  • Revenue for the month of April was $1,824,593.04 for VTH operations. There was overall favorability in revenue for month of $367K. YTD revenue (including storeroom figures) is favorable compared to budget by $1.007M. 
  • Please see attached for a breakdown of revenue/admissions per service. Due to COVID, a comparison to prior year is not provided, as results would be skewed due to reduced service. Compared to FY21 budgets provided per service, there is favorability in revenue (30%) and registrations (8%).


  • Expenses were unfavorable by $65K for the month and $1.036M YTD compared to budget.
    • Personnel: There is significant favorability in academic salaries due to vacancies in faculty lines. This favorability is offset by an increase in wage expense, where locum expense is recognized. Wages are unfavorable compared to budget due to an increased expense in front desk staffing wages (YTD over budget by $130K). There is significant favorability in benefits expense for the period and YTD. This is due to benefit cost being transferred to available state funds and the benefit rate being reduced after budgets were prepared. Overall personnel expense is favorable by $489K YTD.
    • Supply expense is unfavorable by $78K this month. One large notable expense is surgical screws (these will be transferred to COGS in May). COGS expense is unfavorable by $57K, with no notable expenses. Timing of invoices/payment causes fluctuation in these expense categories month to month. YTD expenses appear reasonable compared to positive variance in clinical sales and comparable to prior year expense as a percentage of sales.
    • Service expense is unfavorable compared to budget by $26K due to $22K in gift funds applied to client account balances.
    • There is significant unfavorability in credit card fees due to changes with the credit card processor at the end of March – April expense recognized is 2 months of expense.
    • Facilities repairs and maintenance costs are unfavorable compared to budget due to Lameness $26,500 (plant), $33K def maintenance, clean room $5639 (plant), $11,600 ophthalmology (affiliate)
    • Equipment/software maintenance expense was favorable compared to budget by $26K, YTD is unfavorable by $267K.
    • Other/misc expense is unfavorable compared to budget due to $4K worker’s comp insurance expense.


  • Other self-supporting revenue is higher than budgeted due to affiliate funding of $323K.

Strategic Priorities 

From FY21


  • Develop VTH Strategic Plan – NOT STARTED
  • Develop donor support for VTH initiatives through the Grateful Client Program – IN PROGRESS
  • Establish collaborative oversight for College clinical service satellites – DONE
  • Identify funding support for the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic – NOT STARTED
  • Work with Shelter Medicine to define service work and scope –IN PROGRESS


  • Develop Health Information System which incorporates pricing/charge capture/inventory management to allow for optimize functionality and reporting – IN PROGRESS
  • Reorganize client services to provide employee support and optimize customer service – PHASE 1 DONE
  • Coordinate with VCM Department to fill faculty lines and optimize service productivity – IN PROGRESS
  • Successfully complete Phase I of the SA Expansion Project –DONE
  • Address telecommunications deficits and implement solution –NOT STARTED

Please provide me with your top 5 suggested strategic priorities for the VTH.

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