VTH Board Minutes 1/28/2021

Attendees: D. Hague, D. Williams, L. Garrett, E. Garrett, T. Lowery, S. Keating, S. Austin, D. French, S. Camp, N. Lamphier, A. Duncan, J. Whittington (Absent: )

Updates: Info Only

Personnel Updates

  • Client Services Representatives - staffed
  • CVT/Cashier – IHR is not testing, exception for IL personnel who are current on COVID testing. This includes the current Parkland tech students some of whom are testing.
  • Farrier – failed search, revisiting
  • Ophthalmology – Dr. Myrna, letters of ref requested
  • IFAMS Instructor – 4 applicants, 3 invited to interviews (Feb 11-13th)
  • S/N, Community Outreach, Shelter – 4 applicants (search closes Jan. 31, led by Dr. Moran)
  • Anesthesia – 3 applicants
  • Radiologist – 0 applicants
  • Onc. Surg. – 1 applicant (interview in March)
  • Other open position
  • H/O updates – ophthalmology 1 intern (not 2), IFAMS now requesting a resident (no decision yet dt search above), SAIM intern converted to resident position, Vet Pharmacy resident switched for intern.
  • Dr. Billhymer – service head imaging
  • Alyssa will be contacting service about possible tech upgrades.


  • Expansion project – Phase 2 has commenced. Coordinating with ER and SAIM to move services mid-March to allow for initiation of Phase 3. Phase 3 is ~5 months and will hopefully be concluded by academic year in August. 
  • Looking to see if they can combine Phases 2-3 together, SA medicine would work out of future ophtho home and junior surgery downstairs and ER move to the south area of the hospital
  • Meeting with SAIM to develop plans for service space remodel.


  • Purina kitchen/food suppliers/distribution – No discussion yet regarding nutrition consult program at senior leadership level. Meeting to move forward on food room as food storage location today is being rescheduled. VTH process for management of food orders continues to be modified for efficiency. Cost analysis supports continued sales. DF and JW will be speaking with the Dean re: nutrition initiative.
  • Restructuring of ECC service coverage is progressing, with goal of instituting new model to coincide with new space. Working to cross train the techs assigned to ER/ICU
  • Intermediate Care Ward program development initiated –identifying case parameters, staffing, oversight, pricing.
  • Developing fee schedule for IR suite use


  • Student Help
  • Upcoming service meetings – budget, VTH process review –prepare to schedule.

Budget Report 

  • College - New distributive model initiated by campus: campus unit that generates tuition dollars get those, will continue to get ICR, will have access to self-supporting funds; however any expense that the college incurs will get taxed to support campus level offices, problem is that VTH expense are very high, our unit will be taxed higher and will need to find $ through self supporting revenue; this will have impact on self-supportive revenue funding streams for faculty; Sara Kennedy and Steph will be working strategize VTH expenses to mitigate risk.
    VTH – Budget Report

COVID Updates 

  • No community spread in VTH
  • WSA - wellness support advocates throughout the VTH; can train and has some de-escalation training included
  • Space Utilization – concerns about the commons area, will keep pods throughout the semester and no extra space for Parkland tech students
  • Vaccination – campus does not have vaccine, they are coordinating the notification and hosting a vaccine pod at iHotel; we as vet health care fall into 1B and not sure if Ag workers, education or researchers; whichever one is going to be first, we will get into the notification list and if you want an appointment, make the appointment 
  • Supplies – Oxygen, Masks – There are no oxygen shortages, we do not have surplus surgical masks; campus has 200K N95 mask available to us, all require fit testing.
  • Double masks with face shield – will not be required in VTH, recommended. TL advised it will be mandatory in Anatomy.
  • Dr. Becky Smith – DF will ask for Dr. Smith to give presentation at VCM meeting.

Pharmacy Hours

  • Hours were reduced for COVID/Staffing Issues
    Current hours – M-F 8-5
    Previous hours M-F 8-6, Sa 8-12
  • Med Room staff do not feel that there is much need to be open until 6 PM.
    Discussion about leaving the hours the same versus expansion; can we find how many transactions occur between 5-6p and Sat morning

New VCM Section

  • New VCM Section New section is not official, but proposed. Will be presented at the VCM meeting as a bylaws change, then voted on in March.
  • Needs to happen this month because changes will be occurring in shelter medicine.

Strategic Plan 

  • RE VTH strategic plan. JW will work with LG to develop a draft.

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