VTH Board Minutes 1/30/2020

Attendees: J. Whittington, Thomas Lowery, Devon Hague, Santi Gutierrez, Natalie Lamphier, Denny French, Scott Austin, Jim Lowe, Stephanie Camp, Alyssa Duncan

Updates: Info Only

Personnel Updates 

  • Welcome Dr. Lowery – ad hoc board member
  • Imaging – There is significant staffing change occurring in Imaging.  Dr. Hamel’s last day is Feb. 15th, Dr. Oliveira is working service members to coordinate rotational instruction, Dr. Wagner is teaching US PD rotations this semester, there are a number of technician changes within the service (Sue is retiring March 1st, Taylor Kauffman moving to Primary Care, etc.).  We are looking at a new model for staffing, including recruiting trained imaging technologists.  We are hopeful to have our contract with VetCT back in effect soon.
  • Ophthalmology – Dr. Martins has moved to her new position, we are working on locum coverage and will have our house officers help to support the service on Resident Chief Blocks.  A search will be launched soon.  Dr. Katie Kling has agreed to serve as Service Chief while we work to recruit a new faculty member.
  • We are trying to finalize equity adjustments for CSR and RX tech positions.  We have filled the Float Tech position.


  • VMSC – Zoo Med and Primary Care began seeing cases in their new location on January 6th.  We are still waiting on some final touches to be completed and will plan on an open house in the next month or so.
  • Expansion project – Due to some delays, the completion of phase I (surgical addition) is now planned for June, with phase II (Anesthesia/Step Down Ward) kicking off in July.
  • Relocation of the pressurized walkway is complete and renovation of the dentistry suite is underway.  That project should be completed within 6 weeks.  Once dentistry is in their new space, renovation of the new space for Ophthalmology will begin.  New furniture has been ordered for SAC client waiting room and should be installed in early (2nd week) of March.  This will allow for more effective seating options and will reduce the potential for dog-dog aggression.  Plans for SAC lobby renovation are being evaluated but can’t proceed until Ophthalmology is in their new space.  We are moving forward on the lameness arena to be located west of CSLC.  Facilities will be working with equine surgery to stage and schedule renovation of that space.
  • Discussion was had regarding the conversion of the phone room into additional exam rooms.  We could convert the phone room into 2 new exam rooms if we remove the shower from the women’s restroom at that location.  We can make 3 rooms if we take the entire restroom.  There are 2 restrooms (currently designated mens and womens) in the vicinity that could be renovated to be ADA compliant and non-gendered.  The board feels it would be ideal to create 3 exam rooms.
  • Lameness Arena – discussion regarding cement track size and placement.
  • LAC Dryer is broken – board agreed to replace


  • HIS Updates –
  • StringSoft is demanding payment in full.
  • Changes in personnel – Julie S. will be moving to work on VADDS 100% of the time.  Dardi will be transitioning to programmatic support and we are hiring to provide help desk support.  Natalie will be point-person for the interim as we develop system improvements.
  • VetStar – Mark Anderson (independent contractor) has been working intensively with VetStar (ATC) on 4 priorities: 1)broadcast screens 2)net ID log-in 3)RDVM portal 4)report viewing
  • Broadcast screens are being implemented now
  • RDVM Communication Committee update – we are working on finalizing discharge forms
  • Vet Med Research Day – April 22, VTH on reduced service, students and house officers should be encouraged to participate. 


  • Purina Kitchen – the working plan is to convert the STS rounds room into a Purina Kitchen (11x19’).  Representatives from Purina will be meeting with VTH and Advancement at the end of February.
  • The number of cat bites has increased despite an overall trend in decreasing caseload.  Animal handling safety videos have been created and will be rolled out for students.  Board felt it important for staff and faculty handling animals to train.
  • BSC Reimbursement Plan – Drs. French, Fredrickson, and Whittington met with W.Balthazor and the Dean to discuss guidelines around reimbursing personnel for out-of-pocket expenses.  Part of the discussion was coordinating payment for house officer certification exams.  A discussion regarding funds generated from ER fees, consult fees, and transfer fees ensued.  More data will be collected for future discussion.
  • Service Dog in VTH – a VM2 student has permission to have a service dog with her.  An accommodation was made for her to house the dog as part of the Faculty-Staff Day Boarding program.   

Financial Updates

Financial summary was made available:

Year-to-date Revenue is favorable over budget ($815k).

Year-to-date Expenses are unfavorable over budget ($775k)

The VTH Business Office has determined cost overage of our phone contract which will result in ~$40k savings.  There are a number of phones that are being paid for that are no longer used.  Work to identify and rectify will be undertaken.

VTH Pricing Policy

VTH Policy #Bill307 established how lab test pricing is set

VTH Policy #Bill313 details that prices will be equivalent between services

VTH Policy #Bill315 describes how prices are set for professional services, drugs and medical supplies

The VTH Board has historically been consulted with a service wanted to lower its prices but not when a service wanted to raise its prices.

A recent request to raise prices for a hospital-wide service has prompted the need to develop a policy detailing how price changes will be enacted.

The VTH Board Members agreed.  ACTION ITEM: Policy will be developed and disseminated.

Feedback Requested

VTH Research/Clinical Trials

  • Advertising trials internally and externally
  • Client consent forms
  • Adjustments/pricing


  • Staff
  • Faculty

Faculty/Staff Onboarding – Feedback is being requested to compile a list of information to be shared with new faculty/staff.

RDVM Communications Role-Out Strategy – Faculty should be engaged first.

Ward 3 Cooler – Board voted to change hold times for horses to no more than 36 hrs before disposal.  Caretakers will ensure that there is room for LA cadavers.  CSLC will keep tissue bins in cooler as long as LA services are not interfered with.

VTH Access by Non-Affiliates

  • There are some situations when persons not affiliated with the VTH or VCM have need to be in the VTH unattended.  An example discussed was the plan to house research pigs in the LA isolation stalls and give project personnel keys to the external doors of the stalls.  This raised concerns about access to the VTH and the Board members felt that it would be better to give these individuals swipe card access so that entry was recorded.  It also raised concerns that VTH ward space was being used for research without knowledge or engagement in conversation about logistics.  VTH policy #Bill306b stipulates that 1) the animals must be registered when in the VTH, 2) charges incurred during the stay will be paid by the appropriate research account, 3) the research account will receive a 20% discount.  Dr. Lowe raised concern that the decision to use the VTH space had already been made by those involved in the project and plans were underway to modify the isolation stalls.  The board members felt that these plans were premature.  Dr. Lowe left the conversation.

Pharmacy Faculty Proposal

  • The pharmacist and VTH Director’s office would like to propose that our pharmacists (PharmD) are faculty.  The pharmacist would like to have a residency, engage in scholarship, and participate in VTH/VCM initiatives.  Board members were supportive of pursuing this proposal.

Cardiology Faculty Proposal

Dr. French has been contacted by a cardiologist interested in a position here at IL.  Board members were interested in a business plan and we will evaluate options.

VTH Reorg

The reorganization of the VTH Administration has been discussed with faculty and administration.  There is general agreement regarding the structure.  Plans are underway to work with HR to move forward.

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