VTH Board Minutes 10/24/2019

Attendees: J. Whittington, D. Hague, R. Fries, S. Gutierrez, S. Austin, D. Williams, L. Garrett, N. Lamphier, A. Duncan

Updates: Info Only


  • Shared Service Centers – There are significant shortages in HR, VMSBC, and Finance.  The search for an Assistant Dean of Administrative Services is underway with a sense of urgency. 
  • Taylor Briggs has joined VCM/VTH staff – admin support
  • Client Services – turnover of staff is excessive and chronic – addressing these challenges with wage investigation and hiring cashier positions.


  • Updates –
    • CT will be installed early next month
    • Dog walk out rebuild (east SAC) occurring
    • Expansion project ~2 months behind, change orders are next to impossible at this point
    • VMSC – on schedule
    • Dentistry/Ophtho/Rehab tech scanner move contingent on move of primary care/zoo med
    • Equine lameness – proposed for this fall
    • Pharmacy clean room – in engineering phase
    • LAC automated ward doors (March 2020)
    • LAC admissions – today


  • VMSC - Gary Brummet working to develop business model, meeting with local vets to introduce expanded program, response has been very positive.
  • VMBS/ Purchasing – there have been significant barriers to efficient ordering and acquisitions.  This is, in part, due to the inexperienced staff and low staffing numbers.


I need input regarding layout of SAC admissions

  • Client liaison for information sharing with clients waiting
  • Notification processes for patient follow up
  • Phone call distribution

ACTION ITEM:  JW will send out request for feedback

Natalie Lamphier shared info from NAVCA meeting

3:00 Pharmacy Status: Board of Pharmacy/ DEA Meeting Results

See associated document. 

The VTH Pharmacy is licensed as an onsite institutional pharmacy.  This requires that the VTH be licensed as a hospital but the law specifically states that the VTH is not.  Therefore, the VTH Pharmacy has no mechanism to be brought into compliance.  A meeting was held with the Dean, VTH Director, Pharmacist, Board of Pharmacy members, Department of Professional Regulation members, and DEA members where options were discussed.  A recommendation has been made that the VTH relinquish its pharmacy license and operate under the principles of veterinarian-dispense.  In this manner, the VTH could maintain all current practices but would have to rename the pharmacy to outside customers (Dispensary).  The drug dispensary would operate under the Director’s licenses and rules/regulations would be stipulated in VTH policy format in lieu of state law.

Motion was made to pursue conversion of the VTH pharmacy to Drug Dispensary model (R. Fries, D. Hague second).  Motion passed unanimously. 

ACTION ITEM: JW was to discuss with L. Forsythe if the change would impact the types, availability and quantity of drugs the VTH could get and also if the change would impact her plans for pharmacy training. 

L. Forsythe has responded that the change will not impact the above.

OmniCell / Cubex

Currently, the VTH has 3 Omnicell units (SA ICU, Anesthesia, Equine).  All but the anesthesia unit are out of contract.  The need to move all systems to Windows 10 requires that we upgrade the Omnicell software.  This has led to comparison between Omnicell and Cubex.  Cubex has upgraded their units.  With the expectation that the VTH plans to add a unit to the Step-Down ward, and possibly small units in pharmacy/dispensary and VMSC, Cubex was asked to provide a quote.  The quote is significantly less than that for Omnicell and will provide the VTH with new equipment.  The VTH Board members were in support of this switch but asked for solicitation of feedback from users that were familiar with both systems.

ACTION ITEM: JW to send out request for feedback.

Two responses received.  One was favorable for Cubex and one was unfavorable (slow).

StringSoft / VetStar

The HIS team has been working diligently to get support from StringSoft in the process of implementing this system for the VTH.  The VTH has hired a programming specialist to assist.  A meeting on August 23rd with procurement was held to express concern about StringSoft’s failure to move implementation forward.  A follow-up meeting was held October and it was the shared opinion that StringSoft was in breach of contract.  Procurement was going to consult with University legal to see what steps could be taken.  Since then, the VTH has stopped work to implement StringSoft and has begun conversations to determine what can be done to enhance/update VetStar pending directional decisions.  There are a number of new HIS on the market and we may determine that another RFP is warranted.

Imaging Service / VTH Needs

Imaging is down one technician due to disability.  We have begun discussions regarding replacing that position with either a general imaging technician or an imaging specialist who has oversight of the CT/MRI modalities.  Quality control has become a concern as the radiologists have implemented SOP’s to address positioning and artifact issues.  Unfortunately, this has disrupted a number of clinical services and this feedback has been provided to the imaging service.  The VTH also has a need to expand the number of ultrasound appointments it offers.  An additional US machine has been authorized with an expectation that there will be a minimum of 15 US spots available.  This will be implemented once the machine is here.

VTH Board Faculty Representative 

Dr. Fries will be ending his VTH Board term in January.  We will put out a call to request nominations for a new member and will hold a vote.

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