One Handed Scoop Method for Recapping Needles 

Last Updated 10/19/2021

Purpose/ Applicability: The purpose of this SOP is to describe the procedure for safely recapping a needle for disposal.

Scope: This SOP is to be used by anyone in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital that needs to recap a needle instead of placing it immediately into a sharps container. It is to be used in both clinical and research activities as needed.

Needle – commonly used with a syringe to inject fluid into or extract fluid from a body.
Scoop – to lift or move something.


  1. Place the cap to the needle on a horizontal surface.
  2. Hold the syringe with the attached needle in one hand.
  3. Use the needle to scoop up the cap one-handed. Do Not use your other hand to hold the cap. 
  4. Secure the cap by pushing it against a hard surface.
  5. Place needle and attached syringe in a sharps container

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