VTH Board Minutes 4/27/23

Attendees: J. Whittington, N. Lamphier, E. Volk, A. Barger, M. Ridgway, D. French. S. Gray, K. Keller, S. Austin, L. Garrett, D. Hague, G. Pavlovsky, J. Bough, J. Chen

Updates: Info Only


  • Welcome Jacob Bough as Hospital Services Coordinator!
  • Heather Simmons hired as Med Disp. Office Support
  • Corey McFarland hired as Web Application Developer
  • Joanna Schmit, lecturer in Medical Oncology
  • Radiologist Dr. Tannis Lochhead will locum for 1 week of each month.
  • Business Administrative Associate position – conducting in-person interviews next week.
  • Technician and Vet Assistants
  • Faculty
    • Anesthesia:  Search is open
    • Cardiology: One more candidate interviewing in May
    • Dentistry:  Dr. Bill Krug accepted, starting in August
    • Diagnostic Imaging: Dr. Scharf declined, reopening the search.
    • ECC:  Dr. Aghili accepted offer, will start in October, after her boards, Dr. Kennedy, waiting on one more letter of recommendation and will make offer, Third candidate interviewing next week
    • ER:  Dr. Cruz interviewed last week, waiting for the search committee recommendation, another applicant is being scheduled
    • Equine Primary Care:  Candidate interviewing next week.
    • Medical Oncology:  Tenure track position open
    • Production Medicine:  Three candidates, interviews being scheduled.
    • Rad Onc:  Two candidates interviewed, waiting for the report from search committee
    • Shelter Medicine:  Two candidates, interviews being scheduled
    • Small Animal Int. Med:   Search open
    • SA Ortho sx: Offer extended.
    • SA Primary care: 4 candidates, zoom interviews ongoing
  • Krista Keller (Zoo Med) and Meghan Fick (ECC) have accepted positions elsewhere and will be leaving this June.
  • VTH Hires: CVT- Imaging, Shelter Med, Small Animal Surgery, IMC, ECC (2). Vet Assistants – IMC, ECC. Caretakers – LAC and SAC. Customer Service – LAC and SAC.
  • VTH Open Searches: CVTs – IMC (2), ECC (8), Neuro, Surgery Oncology, Oncology, Anesthesia (2), SAS. CSRs (2).
  • Upgrades, Reclassifications – Lori Zoch, CSRs to CSSs


  • Oncology Expansion – going to the Board of Trustees for review in mid-May
  • Equine surgery doors delivered this week (for recovery stalls and new OR)
    The rail system will arrive after June 1st.
  • Resurfacing LAC Ward 2 and 4 on hold until after ‘busy’ season, facilities exploring options for movable mats around phantom
  • LAC Restrooms construction. Will need to move Diagnostic Imaging
  • Ring Doorbell for LAC admissions – working with IT to install
  • VMSC paging system – wiring run, finishing this week
  • REMINDER – Only facilities personnel are allowed to perform work associated with remodeling, renovation, or upkeep including removing things affixed to the wall and painting.


  • Campus switching from Skype to Teams – scheduled for July, pushed back from May.
  • Shelter Medicine working with Macon Co. Foundation to secure funding for new mobile unit. Kentucky Trailer – 4 surgical tables, box truck.
  • MOU For Veterinary Services of University-Owned Agricultural Animals and the Continuation and Functioning of the HMO – Updated to take effect July 1st.
  • SA ER Case Transfer Guidelines – updated and under review


  • MRO wards are back up.
  • Reduced service for May 12th Vet Med Convocation Day
  • College Holiday Schedule – drafted
  • CVM budget requests
  • Intern/Resident – Vacation/Sick time reporting, clarification of holiday and gift day ‘make-up’ days being discussed
  • Will call for vote for new voted member to VTH Board (off-cycle) when Krista steps down.


  • See Supplemental Sheet - presented by E. Volk

MWE / Farrier 

  • Dr. Benjamin (Alex) Lognion is serving as interim director of MWE
  • Tobias Ellis is now the Farrier Service Head, with mentorship from Dr. French

Budget FY24

  • Reviewing Capital Requests
  • Salary Distribution – faculty divided between SS and State funds depending on position. Tenure/tenure-track 100% on state, Specialized 42.5%/40%/35% respectively based on Instructor/Lecturer/Clinical
  • House officers – 35% resident salaries on VTH, 100% intern salaries – corresponding decrease in affiliate year funds.

Operational Audit

  • Controlled Substances
  • Vehicles
  • RNUA, Resources use 

Service Updates / Issues

  • Open Discussion 

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