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SANDI - Exam Draft/Review Worklist

Reports in Exams & Forms can now be submitted for Review. The Exam Draft/Review Worklist worklist is designed to allow supervising clinicians to see a holistic view of reports that are in either draft or review status.

How to Submit Report for Review

Reports can be marked for Review in the patient's Exams and Forms by selecting Submit for Review.  The report will then appear on the Exam Draft/Review Worklist with the Visit Coordinator as the Coordinator within the worklist.

Note: "Image" exams/reports, such as rDVM records, cannot be marked for review.

Accessing the Exam Draft/Review Worklist

The Exam Draft/Review Worklist can be found in multiple places

1. SANDI under Departmental Worklists.

2. Within individual departmental worklists there is a shortcut.


Overview of the Exam Draft/Review Worklist

Note: Select the KB Help button to go to directly to the Exam Draft/Review documentation in the KB.

By default, all reports in Draft or Review status for ALL services/departments will be displayed. You can check the Review Only checkbox or type review under status to narrow the results.

Narrow results

  • In the drop-down, select the Service for which you want to display reports. 
  • Narrow results further by adding additional criteria to any "search..." box under any column heading. 

Important Column Information

Visit: This is the SANDI Visit Number

Visit Dept: This is the department currently assigned to the visit. (This can change if a patient is transferred.)

  • Important: If a patient is transferred it is possible to have a department that differs from the report. For example, in the screenshot above, the first five (5) entries are for visit, 138682 and all with a Visit Dept of SA Emergency/Critical Care. 
    • However, looking at the combination of Exam Created and Description you can see that the reports belong to varying departments. 
      • If you want to narrow down your search, for example, to only ER/ECC visit reports you can type "ecc" in the Description search bar and only see ecc reports