VTH Board Minutes 9/28/23

Attendees: J. Whittington, A. Barger, M. Ridgway, S. Austin, D. Strahl-Heldreth, G. Pavlovsky, L. Garrett, S. Gray, D. Hague, E. Volk, J. Bough, J. Chen

Updates: Info Only


    • Welcome Faculty: Dentistry: Dr. Krug; ECC: Drs. Lisa Bazzle and Celeste Cruz; Primary Care: Dr. Alyssa Barrata-Martin; Cardiology: Dr. Carl Toborowsky
    • CVTs: Hannah Miller, Oncology, started 9/5; Emma Stricklin, ERL Mel Fletcher transferring from LA overnights to Eq Therio.
    • CVT upgrades being processed – J. Bough
    • CVT/Vet Assistant wages being discussed with LER/DAR/CVM
    • Jacob Manning has accepted Farrier position and will be starting January 8th.
    • E. Volk – promoted to Associate Hospital Director for Finance
    • Dr. Laura Frazier – Director of Pet Population Control and Community Medicine Program (PPCCM)
    • Pharmacist Lauralei Fisher-Cronkite starting 10/9
    • Dr. Cat Foreman-Hesterberg – Director of Midwest Equine at IL


    • Oncology Addition – Design Development meeting was held on September 19th with end result being approval to move to Construction Document phase. DD came in under budget! Team is meeting weekly to continue work.
    • Oncology Clean Room – Preliminary design was significantly over budget, working to get second opinion.
    • Equine Surgery – Need feedback on soft tissue floor, prep floor to be finished Oct 9-15 when surgeons are at ACVS meeting.
    • Furniture installed in SA surgery corridor for small group/individual seating.
    • Wildlife Education Classroom (Cube) – feasibility study estimated cost at $2.4M. Donor is not accepting of this plan. Will work to develop next steps that meet donor intent.
    • MWE – Conversation with Capital Properties office revealed significant challenges associated with procuring land, will continue to explore options.
    • Ethylene oxide sterilizer – estimated to arrive mid-late October, early Nov.


    • Blood bank is relocated and restarted. Donors being screened.
    • Hemodialysis machine has arrived and is awaiting installation by ECC personnel, plan is to start offering plasma dialysis.
    • LA Dispensing fees – Oct 1, will be eliminated and replaced with increase of $25 for comprehensive exam fee
    • Capital Equip Approval notification started – J. Bough
    • Tech recruiting/training on-going


    • Ultrasound price increases went into effect 9/15, will likely increase again. VetCT will be reading ultrasounds starting Monday, Oncura unable to find radiologists to read
    • ADA Accessibility/Policy Needed – exception has been granted for IDEXX machines in SA ER and VMSC, renewal annually, NVDA installed on ER computer, law change expected in future Title II/504
    • Vet Tech Week 10/16 – 10/20
    • Open House 10/1
    • VCM Dept. Review – 10/15-10/17
      Group of 5 faculty from Universities across the U.S. to review VCM. Opportunities for anyone from VTH, VCM and VDL to meet the committee. Dr. Barger will send out itinerary once finalized
    • New Provost visit to CVM 10/12 – 3-5PM, includes 90 minute tour of college/CSLC/VTH.
    • Stats from Senior Survey: graduating debt - $169-181K; avg. 3.6 job offers prior to graduation, 15% had 6 or more; driving factors for job acceptance – 80% mentorship, 70% location, compensation listed 4th; salary median - $123K, 50% report signing bonus ($20K); 40% of IL grads took IL employment
    • COVID – no longer regulated at Univ level – follow CDC guidelines
    • Campus is launching their new strategic plan “Boldly Illinois” – focus on vision, momentum, and impact

    Controlled Substance Program Updates 

    • Background checks and training – what’s coming and what are we doing.
      • OVCRI will establish a policy for UIUC’s oversight of activities involving controlled substances.
      • Proposed background plan covers the license holder, authorized users, and authorized agents
      • Renewed on a 3-year basis – only the questionnaire
    • CS RX’s sent home with clients –
      • Proposed CS handout will provide information about controlled substances and fulfills our obligation to provide education regarding CS to clients
      • Agreement in the CS handout, but process of how form should be given (add to discharge template, added in the medication bag, etc. will need to be tweaked)
      • Process will be tweaked and form will be sent for Board review
    • New pharmacist Lauralei Fisher-Cronkhite will take over regulatory component in monitoring controlled substances


    Discussion on pros/cons of clinicians getting IL practice +/- CS licenses. VTH stance.

    If prescribing to outside pharmacies, will need to have a license if they are the prescriber. Pros: House officers don’t have to have battles with outside pharmacies. Reduces too many things under the hospital director’s name for patients she knows nothing about.

    Cons: High cost, and delays from vet board to get state licenses. The renewal is 2 years and require CE’s. If VTH requires licensure, need a process to monitor renewed/active licenses.

    Long-term boarding animals 

    Should there be a limit? Discussion on expectations and requirements.


    • Concern about communicating and setting expectations, rather than duration.
    • Different scenarios with medical boarding vs. hospitalized stay
    • Should have some sort of statement to prevent clients leaving their animals for an excessive amount of time.
    • Should these be situationally addressed?
    • Can a notification trigger in SANDI to fill out a weight, SOAP, etc.

    On-call fees

    • Collected feedback for proposed on-call fees sent out for review

      Action Item: JW will see what other schools are doing

    House Officer Requests

    • Review decisions, discuss SA Rotating Interns

    • New format for VIRMP

    • Continue requirement for 10 days in ER

    Patient ID

    Service Updates 

    • Critical Care – soft opening 10/9

    *NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) is a free and open source screen reader for the Microsoft Windows operating system

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