IMS - Inventory Management Documentation

The following information outlines the Inventory Management System (IMS), developed internally by Health Information Systems (HIS), that replaces the VTH Storeroom 4D stores application.


Accessing the IMS

The IMS is currently in Beta testing and the test server can be accessed here by authorized users: IMS Test

Note: The IMS constantly changes so some screenshots may differ from the actual application. We will do our best to keep up with changes.

Initial login

At your initial login you will be directed to the Request Worklist.  This is where you can enter a request to purchase items from the Storeroom and eventually the Dispensary. After your first purchase you will automatically go to the Purchasing worklist.

Menu Bar Overview

  1. New Request (Requester) – User to enter new requests to purchase items from the Storeroom or Dispensary.
  2. Worklists (Requester and app users) – Various lists are used to see the status and work needed or completed.
  3. Reports (Requester and app users) – Various reports for all users. (Some reports may be restricted.)
  4. Inventory (App Users) – Used by Storeroom or Dispensary personnel for inventory management.
  5. Maintenance (App Users) – User for setup of items, users, vendors, FOPs, departments, services and locations

Create a New Storeroom or Dispensary Request (Used by staff, technicians, and clinicians to order inventory items or medication)

Note: The dispensary ordering is not yet se up, this is to come later.

This is where all new orders to the Storeroom or Dispensary should be entered.

New Request Overview

  1. Common Items - This will list the most common items ordered within the IMS.
  2. Catalog - This will list all catalog items in alpha order (use the filters to narrow down your search).
  3. Favorites - **COMING SOON** This will list items that you have added to your Favorites list. 

Tip: In any column where you see the word filter you can type a search word in that box to filter the items displayed.

View Cart

  1. Select View Cart 
  2. Add the items you want to order.
  3. Once all items are added, ensure that the following are properly completed:
    1. Requesting Service: Choose the service(department) ordering the items.
    2. cFOP:(This is the account the items will be charged to.)
    3. Delivery building: The building on the Vet Med campus where order items should be delivered.
    4. Delivery Location: Location in which items should be delivered. 
    5. Pickup: If you will pick up the item(s) please check the "Will you Pickup?" box and leave the delivery building and location blank. 
  4. Select Submit to place your order.

New Item

Follow these instructions to request a new item if you cannot find the item you are looking for.

1. Item Name: Enter the Name of the item (you can copy/paste the vendor description)

2. Item Type: Select the category for the item such as Catheters and Feeding Tubes.

3. Substitutions Allowed?: Check this box if a like or generic item may be purchased

4. Is this a controlled substance?: Check this box if the item is considered a controlled substance.

5. Item Description: Enter the description of the item. (You can copy/paste from the vendor or manufacturer's website.)

5. URL: Enter (copy/paste) the vendor/manufacturer Enter (copy/paste) the vendor/manufacturer URL for the item being requested

6. Part Num. / SKU: Enter (copy/paste) the vendor/manufacturer part number or stock keeping unit.

7. Item Unit Strength: Enter the strength of the item along with mg, kg, mL, etc. 

8. Item Unit Form: Enter the items for such as capsule, box, vial, etc.

9. Price: Enter the purchase price of the time.

10. Cold Storage?: Check if the item requires cold storage.

11. Secured Storage?: Check if the item should be in a secured storage area.

12. Item Notes: It is very important to provide as much information as possible. Enter any information about the item that will help the purchasers quickly set up your item for purchase.

13. Attach File: You can attach any pertinent files, photos, etc. that will assist purchasers. 

14. Create New Item: When all information is created select Create New Item and it will be added to your cart.



The IMS contains several worklists to allow quick viewing and status updates of various orders

  • Requests - Requesters can see their current and past requests and the ability to create a new request. You see your requests by default and a toggle allows you to see all requests for your assigned service.
  • Orders - Storeroom/Dispensary worklist for managing order fulfillment and purchases.
  • Purchases - Storeroom/Dispensary worklist for managing all open purchase orders
  • Deliveries - Storeroom/Dispensary worklist for managing order deliveries.
  • Receipts - Storeroom/Dispensary worklist for receiving and/or items from vendors.
  • Wastes - Storeroom/Dispensary worklist for managing proper documentation and disposal of waste items.


Financial - This is where Accounting will create the financial export to be uploaded to Banner.

    1. Select Reports
    2. Select Financial
    3. Change the Start Date to the last day the report was run (The previous Friday)
    4. Change the End Date to today’s date
    5. Select Export Summary and the Excel file will be downloaded to your default location. Usually downloads.
    6. Go to where the report was saved and open it for viewing. 
      1. Review the file and ensure accuracy. For example, are the state funds (x000XX) for the correct fiscal year?
      2. Ensure all curriculum funds (org 249) from Margaret’s list that require an activity code, have one. If it doesn’t, reach out to Margaret Caston for guidance
    7. Log into Finance Feeder Front-End
    8. Select JV upload
    9. Select the appropriate file & upload

Maintenance (Used by Storeroom, Dispensary, and Accounting Personnel)

This menu is used for the setup and maintenance of various information within the IMS.

  • CFOPs
  • Departments and Services
  • Items and Products
  • Locations
  • Users and Roles - This is used to add 
  • Vendors

Inventory (Used by Storeroom and Dispensary Personnel)

Used by the Storeroom and Dispensary, this menu produces a full picture of inventory on hand and allows for item transfer and/or discarding.  Views are available at the item or location level.

    User Menu

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