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1SANDI - Click to call within client info box on the Dashboard1302792023-08-14158
2SANDI - Recalls, Health Tracking and Immunization History1179492023-07-191432
3SANDI AR Worklist Output Info1298032023-07-18161
4SANDI - PIN Reset1271022023-07-06636
5SANDI - How do I switch or choose a different patient under a specific client?1193282023-05-30991
6SANDI Test Account - Rules for using a test account in SANDI1270992023-05-22650
7SANDI - Resizing SANDI via the Chrome Browser & Monitor Resolution Settings1194552023-05-221266
8SANDI - Steps to take when menus or options are not responding, properly visible, etc.1134212023-05-222007
9SANDI - Logging into SANDI1074852023-05-2212238
10SANDI - How do I print client and patient labels in SANDI?1185692023-05-191382
11SANDI - How do I send a patient to Cubex?1185992023-05-191255
12SANDI - How can I search for a template in Exams & Forms that is not part of my services templates?1197092023-05-191156
13SANDI - How do I add, change or remove a Doctor to an Appointment?1204132023-05-191207
14SANDI - How do I add forms like Case Transfer Summary, Outpatient Discharge Summary, etc.?1217512023-05-191007

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