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21Inspecting Lead PPE  [Campus login required]1266912024-02-27223
22VTH Ward Stock Controlled Substances SOP1356982024-02-2656
23Controlled Substance Theft and Loss Reporting SOP1328062024-02-26111
24Maintaining the Automated Dispensing Machine (Cubex) SOP1328052024-02-26119
25Controlled Substance Discrepancy Resolution SOP1328022024-02-26117
26VTH DEA Registrant Controlled Substance Inventory Transfer SOP1321282024-02-26174
27Notifying the DEA Registrant of Controlled Substance Questions and Concerns SOP1327942024-02-26106
28Ambulatory Bag Use, Inventory, and Stocking SOP [Campus login required]1314382024-02-20127
29Drug Kit Use, Inventory, and Stocking SOP [Campus login required]1314362024-02-20138
30VTH DEA Registrant Responsibilities Policy [Campus login required]1321272024-02-20110
31Use of the SAC Wet Procedures Room [Campus login required]1267682024-01-26238
32MRI Scheduling and Charging [Campus login required]1275372024-01-26206
33Imaging Service Sedation for Ultrasound Examinations/ Ultrasound Scheduling [Campus login required]1286112024-01-26167
34CT Examination Scheduling [Campus login required]1286122024-01-26569
35One Handed Scoop Method for Recapping Needles  [Campus login required]1286132024-01-26948
36Cubex Access for Imaging Students [Campus login required]1288352024-01-26154
37Zoledronic Acid (Zometa) Dispensation, Preparation, and Use [Campus login required]1292132024-01-26137
38Use of Expired Open Single-Use Propofol Vials for Euthanasia [Campus login required]1299062024-01-26190
39Pharmacy USP SOPs (USP 795, 797, 800) [Campus login required]1308762024-01-26156
40VTH Service Audits [Campus login required]1267652024-01-26365
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