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21SANDI Adjustments - Resources for doing an adjustment in SANDI1232472023-07-20905
22SANDI - Payment Reversal (Current Day Only)1298242023-07-20422
23SANDI - Recalls, Health Tracking and Immunization History1179492023-07-191732
24SANDI AR Worklist Output Info1298032023-07-18330
25SANDI - PIN Reset1271022023-07-06897
26SANDI - Features & Fixes (All Issues Open & Closed)1106752023-06-282915
27SANDI - Using Departmental Worklists1125582023-06-202656
28SANDI - Procedure Price Calculation (Current and Non-Client) Search1202062023-06-141310
29SANDI - Audit Procedures Report1201422023-05-301123
30SANDI - Appointment Scheduler Report by Department & Date Range1150812023-05-301667
31SANDI - Financial Feeds1235202023-05-30883
32SANDI - Charges Report1195152023-05-301404
33SANDI - How do I switch or choose a different patient under a specific client?1193282023-05-301280
34SANDI - Field Service Worksheets (LAC)1246922023-05-221338
35SANDI Test Account - Rules for using a test account in SANDI1270992023-05-22967
36SANDI - Patient rDVM and Visit rDVM Overview1270442023-05-221560
37SANDI - Resetting your Cubex passcode and fingerprint (Biometrics)1229372023-05-221334
38SANDI - Sent Report Tracking (Comments Query)1196842023-05-221380
39SANDI - Resizing SANDI via the Chrome Browser & Monitor Resolution Settings1194552023-05-222171
40SANDI - Client & Patient Setup1175142023-05-22879
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