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41SANDI - Patient Dashboard (Home Screen)1097612023-05-194004
42SANDI - Communications Log1112112023-05-193027
43SANDI - Temporary Account Notes1151742023-05-192253
44SANDI - Patient Alerts1162502023-05-191927
45SANDI - Visits1162522023-05-191949
46SANDI - Rx History1181442023-05-191861
47SANDI - Visit Information Box Overview1199792023-05-191449
48SANDI - Cardiology Echocardiogram Upload and Finalize Procedures1193472023-05-192325
49SANDI - Radiology Information System (RIS)1177532023-05-191990
50SANDI - Radiology Information System (RIS) Worklist1179262023-05-191488
51SANDI - Patient is not displaying in Cubex1229362023-05-191572
52SANDI - Client and Patient Lookup and New Setup1061442023-05-193493
53SANDI - Registering a Patient1064272023-05-193532
54SANDI - Discharging a Patient1070732023-05-192693
55SANDI - Edit Patient Information1145452023-05-191831
56SANDI - Body Condition Score Reference Guide1198672023-05-191224
57SANDI - How do I print client and patient labels in SANDI?1185692023-05-191467
58SANDI - How do I send a patient to Cubex?1185992023-05-191334
59SANDI - How can I search for a template in Exams & Forms that is not part of my services templates?1197092023-05-191244
60SANDI - How do I add, change or remove a Doctor to an Appointment?1204132023-05-191323
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