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1Social Media Standards and Guidelines [Campus login required]1242392024-01-26361
2ID Badges [Campus login required]1241952024-01-26422
3Nuclear Medicine Scheduling [Campus login required]1363912024-03-286
4Fluoroscopy Exam Scheduling [Campus login required]1363902024-03-284
5Use of Dosimetry Badges  [Campus login required]1267612024-02-27329
6Inspecting Lead PPE  [Campus login required]1266912024-02-27224
7Nuclear Medicine Imaging Protocol [Campus login required]1239452024-01-26333
8MRI Scheduling and Charging [Campus login required]1275372024-01-26215
9Imaging Readouts When Radiologist is on Duty [Campus login required]1333222024-01-2634
10Cubex Access for Imaging Students [Campus login required]1288352024-01-26155
11Imaging Service Sedation for Ultrasound Examinations/ Ultrasound Scheduling [Campus login required]1286112024-01-26169
12Imaging Ultrasound Machine Aspirates by Other Services  [Campus login required]1267592024-01-26250
13Imaging Service Sedation for Radiographs [Campus login required]1266902024-01-26220
14Imaging Service Sedation [Campus login required]1266882024-01-26220
15VTH Board Minutes 8/21/2019 [Campus login required]1272132024-01-26203
16VTH Board Minutes 4/23/2020 [Campus login required]1271122024-01-26226
17VTH Board Minutes 5/27/2021 [Campus login required]1270842024-01-26238
18VTH Board Minutes 8/26/2021 [Campus login required]1270792024-01-26239
19VTH Board Minutes 4/28/22 [Campus login required]1239262024-01-26345
20Imaging - VetCT Platform Access1300462023-07-31249
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