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This article provides guidance on how to address locked MECM objects.


Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM)

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Unlock MECM objects

Objects in MECM can become locked for a variety of reasons.  The image below is an example of a locked object in MECM when attempting to edit an application.  Please note that the lock expires after 30 minutes.  Follow the steps below to unlock the object sooner.

Locked MECM object

  1. Try to edit the object.  If a prompt similar to the image above pops up and you are the user referenced in the 'Details' column, select 'Discard Changes'

  2. If the console crashes when attempting to edit the object:

    • In the Configuration Manager console, click the top-left drop-down menu and select 'Connect via Windows PowerShell'

    • Modify and run the following command based on the type of object being unlocked and note the 'AssignedUser' (i.e. application - GetCMApplication, boot image - GetCMBootImage, task sequence - GetCMTaskSequence)
      • Get-CMApplication -Name [Application] | Get-CMObjectLockDetails

    • If you are the 'AssignedUser', modify and run the following command based on the type of object being unlocked
      • Unlock-CMObject -InputObject (Get-CMApplication -Name [Application]) –Force

    • If you are not the 'AssignedUser', wait 30 minutes for the lock to expire or contact EPS at https://go.illinois.edu/epshelp

More information is available at the Microsoft links below.

Contact the EPS team

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