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This document explains how to integrate iClicker Cloud with Canvas.

Integrating iClicker Cloud with Canvas

iClicker Cloud is an app that is installed and on the computer you use to teach during class. After class, you can access your data from any web browser. To use Cloud, you must have an iClicker instructor account and a course at; you can then link your Canvas course with your Cloud course. There is an optional mobile app for instructors to use as a way to control Cloud from your phone so that you can use the tool while away from the computer.

A. Install the Software

  • You only need to install the application on the computer you use to teach during class. You can access your class polling results and data from any device through
  • If you teach in a general assignment classroom, Technology Services should already have iClicker Cloud installed. If not, you can request it using the ICS Software Request form. For College or Departmental classrooms, please contact the appropriate IT support team for your location.
  • If you use your own computer to teach, download the application from There are versions for Mac and Windows. There is an option if you are not an administrator in Windows.
  • Mac users will likely need to adjust their Privacy and Security settings to grant iClicker Screen Recording and Accessibility access there.

B. Create an iClicker Instructor Account

  • Go to and press the Create an Account button.
  • Be sure to use your email address.

C. Create an iClicker Cloud Course

  • Sign in to and create a course. Then enter the course info.
  • Set the end date to 1-2 weeks after the end of the term and select the days your class meets. Students will find your course in the app by typing the course name exactly as you enter it or by searching the app for your name unless you choose the option that requires an invitation to join.
  • Adjust the course settings
    • Course Details: Configure options for polling, quizzes, and attendance.
    • Devices: Choose what students can use – physical remotes, the mobile app or both. For students to use remotes, you must use a USB base station with your computer.
      • Focus: We recommend leaving it off as some instructors had issues with it, but if turned on, this option alerts students if they exit the iClicker app on their device.
      • iClicker Remote Settings: You only need to adjust this if you have problems in class with extra responses from other students in nearby classrooms.
    • Attendance – Location: This setting requires students to be within a certain range of the base station. Some instructors have reported issues, but here are Troubleshooting Tips.
    • Polling (View more information.)
      • Sharing: Select if and when the question images and poll results are shared with mobile app users. You may want to avoid this because students can see questions on their phones without being present, or you may want to share.
      • Scoring: Select how your course is scored by using participation or performance points. Participation is all or nothing. With Performance, your students can accumulate points each time they answer and/or answer correctly.
    • Quizzing: This tab is only needed if you conduct self-paced quizzes with iClicker. Your students answer multiple questions all at once.
    • Integrations: See below for full instructions on this step which will integrate your iClicker Cloud course with your Canvas course and connect your rosters.

D. Integrations: Sync your iClicker Cloud Course to Canvas

  • This is the final tab in your Cloud course Settings. Integrating your Cloud and Canvas courses links the rosters and enables you to sync grades from the iClicker into Canvas. It also determines whether you import a single total column or individual grade columns for each class session.
  • Sign into and open your course and click the Settings button in the left-hand menu. 
  • Press the Integrations tab on the upper right side, and then press the blue Connect to Canvas button in the top right corner.

  • In this window press Go to Canvas.

  • Press Authorize when prompted.

  • Scroll through the list and select the course you want to sync to. If it’s not published, press the button in the top right corner to show only unpublished courses. Then press Next.

  • On the next page, select all rosters that apply, and then press Connect.


  • On the next page press Sync Roster Now.

  • You should see a screen that your roster has synced, however, you also will see a list of students who have not yet signed up for your course at

  • On the next page, select whether you want to sync an overall total score or individual columns for each iClicker session. Choose to “receive a score of 0 in the Canvas gradebook” so that students will get a 0 for that day instead of a blank score. Press Save in the top right corner.

  • Press the Gradebook button in the left-hand menu. Then press the Sync Grades button on the right when you are ready. Any students who are in both Canvas and Cloud should then have a green dot beside their name in the gradebook column called Grade Sync.

E. Regularly Re-Sync your iClicker Cloud Gradebook to Canvas

  • Until all of your students have enrolled in your iClicker Cloud course and have registered any physical remotes, you will need to continue syncing your roster every time you want to sync grades. Then sync all class sessions to Canvas, at least for the first few weeks. Press the People button on the left and then the Sync Roster button on the right.
  • To sync scores, click on the Gradebook button in the left-hand menu. Then click the Sync Grades button on the right when you are ready. Any students who are in both Canvas and Cloud should then have a green dot beside their name in the gradebook column called Grade Sync. Cloud only sends the sessions you select into Canvas and does not retroactively import grades into Canvas for students who registered their remotes after you last synced. So you need to repeat this process for the older sessions, too. You also can only sync 5 sessions at a time, so you may need to repeat this process several times to sync all the sessions.

F. Using the Cloud Desktop App and the Cloud Mobile Instructor App

You can install the iClicker Instructor mobile app on an Apple iOS or Android device. It replaces the blue instructor remotes you may have used with iClicker Classic. You must launch the desktop application first and start a session before you can use it. You can start and stop questions, share and hide results, view responses and attendance, advance and retreat PowerPoint slides, and more. Read more at the "Using iClicker Cloud" knowledgebase article.


For more information, please Contact CITL.

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