Email, Spam Control, Requesting a New End User Digest

This page explains how to request a new End User Digest.


Users who have email messages addressed to them stored in the Quarantine will receive an email notification, called an End User Digest (or Digest) in their inboxes. The End User Digest provides a list of the messages stored in the Quarantine. Users can look at the message subject headers to determine their content and decide which actions they want to apply to the messages.  

Use the Web Interface:

After you log into the Web Interface, follow these steps to request a new End User Digest:

The Profile view displays a 'My Settings' view and the Save, Request Digest, and Refresh links.

  1. Click Profile in the bottom left navigation window.
  2. Then select Settings.
  3. Click Request Digest at the top.
  4. Click Save.
    • Alternatively, you can also complete this action by opening a recent daily End User Digest email in your email account's inbox, sent from: '' and selecting 'Manage My Account.'


  • Save – saves the settings after making changes.
  • Request Digest – sends the user an updated Digest.
  • Refresh – refreshes the view.
Here is a screen shot of the Profile view:

Profile View

My Settings:

  • Send digest with new messagesthis is the default setting. Users receive a Digest only when they have new messages in the Quarantine.
  • Send digest even when I have no new messages – Users can also receive an 'empty' Digest, which is simply an email indicating that they have no messages in the Quarantine. 
    • This choice will send the user a Digest whether or not they have new messages in the Quarantine. 
    • If there are no new messages, they will receive an 'empty' Digest.
  • Preferred Language – users can select a language from the drop-down list. This is the language that displays in the Digest and in the Web Interface.
  • What type of spam detection do you want? – users can select a spam policy from the listed choices. The policies determine how the email is filtered for spam.

Here is a screen shot of the End User Digest email:

Several links in the Digest provide additional functionality, and are not related to individual quarantined messages. 

The links for additional Digest management are described here: 

  • Request New End User Digest – immediately generates a new Digest for the user with up-to-the-minute information about quarantined messages. Note: this Digest will contain a list of all messages currently in the Quarantine, not just those received since the last scheduled Digest update.
  • Request Safe/Blocked Senders List – sends the user a list of all entries currently on his or her personal Safe and Blocked Senders List. 
  • Manage My Account – launches the Web Application in a browser, which allows the user to change account preferences, as well as actively manage his or her Safe Senders and Blocked Senders lists.
  • Spam Control FAQ – directs you to our KnowledgeBase article which contains answers to common questions about the Spam Control service.


  • The End User Digest provides up-to-the-minute information about quarantined messages. 
  • This Digest will contain a list of all messages currently in the Quarantine, not just those received since the last scheduled Digest update.
  • The Digest will appear in your mailbox within a few minutes.


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