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Munki Mac Endpoint Management

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General Information

Multi-tenant Munki is a centrally-hosted instance of Munki (macOS endpoint management) that allows multiple endpoints to be independently administered. Developed by the iSchool and Technology Services at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Multi-tenant Munki contains a hierarchical structure of nested Munki repositories, allowing IT Pros in one unit or college to use Munki without interfering with other IT Pros doing the same for their units, while taking advantage of packages created centrally.

Munki is intended only for macOS endpoints. No other operating systems are supported.

Many applications and configurations are provided by the Endpoint Services team in the global or campus repositories, including:

  • Adobe products
  • Microsoft Office products
  • WebStore applications
  • Many common free applications

View a dynamically-generated list of current software titles and versions.

If you require applications that are not currently being provided, contact the Endpoint Services team (https://go.illinois.edu/epshelp) to inquire about adding them.

The Endpoint Services team strongly encourages Munki stakeholders to also leverage the Workspace ONE service to manage their Macs. With each successive macOS release, Apple has introduced an increasing number of configuration changes that can only be implemented via a UEM or MDM solution like Workspace ONE. View our article on using Workspace ONE and Munki together to manage your Macs.

View costs for using the EPS Munki service.

View the Munki service catalog entry.

Contact the EPS team

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