Cloud Emailer Service, What is it and How Can I Use It?

The Cloud Emailer Service is a new service offered by Technology Services to provide a solution for university business needs to send trusted email from infrastructure or applications hosted 'in the cloud' rather than on campus. Here we provide a brief description of use cases for the service, how to request an account for using the service, and further references for using the service.

Who can use this service?

This service is free to use for university business for all departments, although very high volume usage may be reviewed for cost sharing or recovery in the future. You can request access to this service by contacting the Technology Services Help Desk, The service team will identify or create an appropriate sub-account for your department or use case and will need the following information from you:

  1. The owning department and application or business process (in order to create an identifiable sub-account)
  2. The sending domain you will use for email. This is the friendly 'from' domain that recipients will see in their email.
    Note: Please consider using an application, host, or department specific sub-domain for transaction email (for example, so that use of the parent '' domain is preserved for University-wide business and recognized individuals or departments when possible.
  3. The responsible contact or department manager for this sub-account in case future communications are necessary.
  4. A rough estimate of email volume per month and (if email will be seasonal) an explanation of when peak usage will occur.
You will then be provided with the sub-account API key, which is used as a password for sending email, and a link to further documentation on configuring the service.

Why use this service?

This service is designed and expected to meet certain email needs for campus, but could be flexible to meet unforeseen needs as well.  Here are examples of expected use cases;
  • Transactional email from a cloud-hosted application or service (SaaS applications).
  • Transactional email from cloud-hosted hosts, infrastructure, or services (AWS or Azure hosted objects or applications).
  • Transactional email campaign services (Campaign Monitor, Qualtrics, etc).
  • Self-developed email campaign applications.  This service offers a very capable API to provide email sending, tracking, and reporting for university software developers.

If you have any further questions or think you could benefit from using this service, please contact the Technology Services Help Desk,

Escalation Information: If possible, collect the answers to questions 1-4 (these are not required)


  1. Dept:  Gies College of Business IT Partner
  2. Domain:
  3. Contact:
  4. Volume:  1 email to 100 students / week. At most about 500 emails a month. Only sent during the first 12 weeks of the Fall semester.

*The service admins can also work with the customer to collect this information. Feel free to transfer the ticket.

Where to escalate the ticket to:

Request Area: Tech Services.Cloud Emailer Service (will auto-update the group to 'Campus Email Relays')

Transfer the ticket to: TechSvcs-Campus Email Relays

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