Authorization Manager, Manage Memberships

Manage group memberships using Authorization Manager. You can log into Authorization Manager here:

Members are organized into groups. You can only add and remove members to and from groups in which you have privileges. 

Add/Import a Member/List to a Group

    Navigate to the group where you want to add a member. We recommend that you use the Team Group in the Root folder; this location will be provided to you by the IAMU team or Security.
    Root Team Group Folder Layout in Authman
    Open the Members group and Click +Add Members.  You can click on "import a list of members." Even if you add one employee, the "import a list of members" is an easier method for adding employees to the group.
    Authman screen shot with the root path and members displayed.

    When the screen comes up you will want to select "Copy/paste a list of member IDs". Enter the Employee UIN or NetID, then click "Validate entities." This will verify the NetIDs you typed into the box.
    Alternate way to add members to an Authman Group
    If the NetID/UIN is correct, the employees name will appear under the "Add another member" button. 
    The verification of the netid entered in the Authman Form.
    After you select the "Submit" button, you will get a confirmation page like the screen shot below.
    Confirmation of the Added Members
    Note: Grouper will grant member privileges to the new member by default. To assign custom privileges, refer to Authorization Manager, Manage Privileges  
    Click Add. 

    Remove a Member from a Group

    You can only remove individuals or groups with a direct membership in your group. When you remove a group from your group, you remove all its indirect members too.

    Navigate to the Team Group in the Root Folder you were given by IAMU or Security.  In the Members tab, select the member(s) you want to remove, click "Remove selected members" in the left-hand corner above "Entity name", see screen shot below. 

    Easy Removal of Members from an Authman Group

    Export a list of Members from a Group

    1. Navigate to the group where you want to export members.
    2. In the More actions drop-down menu, select Export members. 
    3. Select Only member IDs or All member data, then click Export.  This will produce an excel file like the example below:

    Add a Group as a Member of Another Group

    You can add a group as a member of another group. When a group is added as member, the group is a direct member and the members of the group are indirect members.

    1. Navigate to the group where you want to add a group as a member.
    2. Click +Add Members.  
    3. Enter the Group name or a portion of the Group name in the Member name or ID field. A list of matching members (groups) appears.
    4. Select the member (group) that you want to add to the group.
    5. Select Default privileges.
      Note: Grouper will grant member privileges to the new member by default. To assign custom privileges, refer to Manage Privileges.  
    6. Click Add. 

    Filter Group Member Lists

    You can use filtering options to facilitate navigation of a long list of members.

    1. Navigate to the group that you want to work with.
    2. Select one of the following Filter for options, then click Apply filter.
      • Filter for an individual member - Select All members, and then enter the Member name or NetID. 
      • Filter for members based on membership - Select Has direct membership or Has indirect membership.
        Tip! When you add a group as a member, the group is a direct member, and the members of the group are indirect members.
    3. Click Reset to return to the full list of members.

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