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Zoom, Education vs Basic Accounts

UIUC Zoom Education accounts have more features than the free Basic account. This article lists the major differences.

Zoom Basic and Education Functionality

Users with a Basic account will see that they are only able to host meetings up to 40 minutes in length. However, Zoom users with a Basic account are able to participate in meetings hosted by a licensed UIUC Zoom user for up to 24 hours in length. Eligible users on the UIUC campus will have a UIUC Zoom Education account. 

Are you missing features? Please see "Zoom, Why do I only have Zoom 'Basic' Access".

The following is a list of Basic and UIUC Zoom Education account feature differences.

 BASIC  UIUC Zoom Education
 Host group meetings up to 40 mins  Host group meetings up to 24 hours
 Host up to 100 participants Host up to 300 participants 
Unlimited number of meetings   Unlimited number of meetings
 Online support  Online support
 Video conferencing  Video conferencing
 Web conferencing  Web conferencing
 Group collaboration features  Group collaboration features
 Security  Security
   Cloud Recording
 Interoperability with Kaltura (Media Space)
   Skype for Business (Lync) interoperability
   Custom Personal meeting ID
   Assign scheduler
  Optional Large Meetings and Webinars

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