Endpoint Services, MECM - Stand-alone task sequence


As an alternative to on-site imaging, a task sequence 'template' for stand-alone media (offline USB imaging) is available. This article outlines the structure of stand-alone task sequence media in our environment and provides recommendations based on your unit's needs. Copy the 'DEMO DAYS-Stand-Alone No Drivers' task sequence under '\Software Library\Overview\Operating Systems\Task Sequences\.DEMO DAYS' into your unit's folder and modify as needed.


Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM, formerly SCCM)

Intended Audience

University of Illinois IT Pros leveraging MECM, hosted by Technology Services' Endpoint Services team

How does stand-alone task sequence media differ from a standard task sequence?

Please review the following and modify your stand-alone task sequence as needed:

Create stand-alone task sequence media

Post-OSD steps

Once your endpoint has been imaged, we recommend the following post-OSD steps:
  • Login as the local administrator

  • Connect to the local network, followed by the campus VPN

  • Bind the endpoint to the Active Directory and reboot

  • Login as the local administrator

  • Connect to the campus VPN

  • Wait for MECM policy to apply
    • This is the longest step but does not require much attention
    • We recommend manually updating your 'All Systems' collection's membership, as well as that of any collections the endpoint should be in due to AD Query rules, shortly after binding. Once the endpoint's object is visible, right-click the object and navigate to 'Client Notification' --> 'Download Computer Policy' to speed things along.

  • If necessary, install additional apps and/or the 'DEMO DAYS-Post Stand-Alone BitLocker' task sequence
    • The BitLocker task sequence can run from Software Center - only run it once
    • Audit BitLocker compliance by navigating to '\Assets and Compliance\Overview\Compliance Settings\Configuration Baselines' and deploying the one of the two 'BitLocker C: Status' baselines

  • Confirm that apps, MECM policy, GPOs, etc. have all applied correctly

  • Disconnect and 'forget' the local network, and shutdown the PC

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