Office 365, Daily Briefing Email

The Briefing email helps you start your day on track by surfacing information on upcoming meetings and outstanding tasks as well as protecting time for independent work

**This change is scheduled for early August, 2020

What is the Briefing Email

The briefing email, powered by Cortana, helps you stay in control of your calendar and be intentional about your day. Within the first two hours of your workday (as set up in Outlook), you'll get an email about any relevant items to help you better prepare for the day ahead. The briefing email is a personalized brief in Outlook with important information including:
  • Outstanding commitments, requests, and follow-ups to and from other collaborators in email that might have fallen through the cracks
  • Documents related to today's meetings that you might want to review beforehand
  • Suggested focus time you can schedule to help get independent work done

Details about the Briefing Email

  • Only users who have an Exchange Online license and whose Office language is English will receive the briefing email. 
  • The briefing email is personalized for each user. 
  • At least one actionable insight must be detected for there to be a daily email. 
  • The briefing email is customized and personal and only available to the end user; no administrator or manager can see another individual's Briefing email. 
  • All data is stored inside the the user's mailbox.

How to stop the Briefing Email

If you no longer wish to receive the briefing email, you have two ways to opt-out:

Additional Information

You can review the Microsoft documentation for more information on the briefing email. This document discusses the version of the email you will receive (based on whether you use Outlook or alternative email apps) and has a link to an FAQ section. If you unsubscribe from the briefing email and later change your mind, please contact the Office 365 support team to have it re-enabled.
Feel free to reach out to the Office 365 support team with any questions about the briefing email or Microsoft 365 Services. They can be reached via email at