Endpoint Services, Munki, Deploying Privileges.app for Remote Support

This article describes how to use the SAP Privileges application in order to temporarily grant standard users administrative access on their Macs.


Munki Mac Endpoint Management

Intended Audience

University of Illinois IT Pros leveraging Munki Mac Endpoint Management


General Information

Important note: Privileges.app is a powerful tool, to be deployed judiciously and with care, and uninstalled when no longer needed.

Endpoint Services (EPS) has opted to make Privileges available in response to the demands of remote support during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Privileges is not a service, and EPS does not support or endorse it; nor have we vetted it beyond the basic testing standards applied to other titles in the Munki service.

The free Privileges application by SAP can help in support situations when remote workers do not have administrator rights on their macOS device. The application uses a privileged helper tool to grant standard users administrator rights upon request, and will also revoke it upon request.

Deploying Privileges.app

In a macOS support scenario where the remote user is temporarily in need of administrator rights, the IT Pro can take the following steps:

Removing Privileges.app

After the remote support task has been completed and the need for administrator access has passed, the IT Pro should do the following:

Additional Resources

Visit GitHub for more information about the Privileges app.

Contact the EPS team