Illinois AnyWare, Overview

Illinois AnyWare is a virtual desktop environment allowing students to access software whether remote, on campus, or in class. Students can access Illinois AnyWare on multiple devices and operating systems including Windows, MacOS and Linux, iOS, ChromeOS and Android.

We recommend downloading the Citrix Workspace application to access Illinois AnyWare or use a browser and your campus credentials to connect to the Illinois AnyWare service. VPN is NOT REQUIRED to use Illinois AnyWare.

Who is the service for:

  • Students may use the service at any time
  • Instructors may use the service for academic purposes
  • At this time, the service is not available for staff use or research purposes 

Why use the service:

  • If you need to run software that you do not have access to on your own device
  • You can run class software that your personal device cannot run due to processing power
  • If you are unable to download large files due to internet bandwidth issues or data caps
  • No need to install software on your personal device
  • No need to update software on your personal device

How to access the service:

  • VPN is NOT required to use Illinois AnyWare 
  • Log in to Illinois AnyWare (connecting instructions)
  • You will be disconnected when your connection is idle for 2 hours
  • You will be logged off 10 minutes after you are disconnected

Using Illinois AnyWare Desktops:

File management and working with local files: 

Illinois AnyWare General Purpose Desktop and Graphics Enabled Desktop have direct integration with campus affiliated Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage. 

Additionally, once you are connected to your virtual desktop or application, you can use data from your local computer including any drives, network or cloud storage that are mapped to your local computer. Citrix Workspace creates a connection back to your local computer. This will allow you to open and save your files from and to your local computer. 

Available Software:

General Purpose Desktop and Graphics Enabled Desktop Software

Trial versions of software are not candidates for installation on the AnyWare service, but full versions of applications can be requested here:

Request Software

How to get support:

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