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Spam Control is a service that reduces the amount of spam you receive and eliminates known viruses before they reach your mailbox. As soon as you have a NetID you are automatically enrolled in the service. Proofpoint on Demand gives you these tool options to manage your email.



  • The Quarantine is a location where email messages that are suspected to be spam, or messages that contain viruses are stored temporarily so that they can be reviewed and retrieved, if needed.
    • You will have spam in your Quarantine only if you are in either the 'Cautious' or 'Aggressive' Personal Spam Policy. 

Q: How can I retrieve my Quarantine messages?

A: You can review and take action on you own quarantined messages through the use of the End User Digest, commonly referred to as the Digest.

Q: What happens to Quarantine messages if I take no action on them?

A: Messages that are not released from Quarantine are automatically deleted after 10 days, and are NOT recoverable by a service administrator.

End User Digest:

  • If email messages addressed to you were stored in Quarantine, you will receive an email notification, called an End User Digest, in your inbox. 
    • The Digest provides you with a list of the messages addressed to you that are stored in Quarantine. 
    • You can look at the message subject headers to determine their content and decide what actions you want to apply to the message
  • You may also receive an 'empty' Digest, which is simply an email messages indicating that you have no messages in the Quarantine.  

Safe Senders List

  • A Safe Senders List is a list of approved email senders. Proofpoint on Demand does not filter messages from senders on this list for spam.
  • However, all messages are still filtered for viruses and inappropriate content.
    • Users can add sender addresses to their personal Safe Senders list.

Blocked Senders List:

  • A Blocked Senders List is a list that contains addresses of people, organizations, and mailing lists from which a user does not want to receive email.

Web Application:

  1. The Web Application allows you to view your quarantined messages and manage your account using a web browser.
  2. There are two ways to launch the Web Application:
    1. You can click on the Manage My Account link in the email Digest.
    2. You can open a browser and point it to the following URL:


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