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This is an FAQ for Bitwarden Password Manager
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Bitwarden is the university's preferred password manager.  Bitwarden is a password management service that stores sensitive information and credentials, such as websites and resource accounts. To utilize Bitwarden, an assigned vault for your department must be created for you within the Bitwarden portal. 

If you experience difficulty using Bitwarden or need a disability-related accommodation to utilize the solution, please contact

When would I need to request Bitwarden for my department/team/project?

  • Manage password credentials to multiple applications and resources for a specific department, team, or project.
  • Provision Request form can be found at

Best Practices

  • If you are experiencing difficulties with Bitwarden, please email
  • Collections are to control permissions.  Collections should not be used to organize your secrets.
    • The recommendation is to use the naming convention to sort your secrets rather than multiple collections.
    • Naming conventions are easier to search using the browser plug-in and the web client.
    • Currently, folders are only implemented for the personal vault; folders for the organizational vault are a pending feature request, once implemented, this would allow folders to be used to organize the secrets. You can go to to express interest in this feature. 
  • Authman (Grouper) is authoritative. AD groups will not be used to populate Bitwarden.
    • If a person is removed from the Authman Group and readded, you must submit an email to requesting that person's access be restored. 
  • All roles for Bitwarden will be assigned as "Users." 
  • If a full collection needs to be shared with someone outside of your department, a virtual team will be created for that purpose in Authman under your department's folders.
  • Projects are listed under the project number assigned by the PMO, and are separate from departments.  If you need to adjust the members of a project team, please email
  • If you have multiple Bitwarden instances, you can use different profiles to switch between different Bitwarden instances.  If you have questions, please email 
  • Sends are disabled, there are no security controls currently, so it has been turned off.
    • If you need to share a single password with a person or group, continue to use PEAR.

Forgotten MasterPassword and Collection Information

  • If you forget your Bitwarden MasterPassword and you are a member of the Illinois Organization, please email to have the password reset. 
  • If you are not a memeber of the Illinois Organization and have a free Bitwarden account using your email address, please contact Bitwarden Support for assistance in resetting your MasterPassword. 
  • If your group or department needs a new Collection, pleaes email requesting the addition of the Collection.  If your group controls your Authman groups, please include the Authman Path of the new Collections group. 

Instructional Documents and Helpful Hints 

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