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Microsoft 365, Copilot with Data Protection - AI Chat for the Web

The Microsoft Copilot with Data Protection service (formerly Bing Chat Enterprise) is an AI Chat for the Web application made available to University of Illinois employees with an A5 Microsoft 365 license.

Accessing Copilot with Data Protection

The service is accessible from a web browser at and from the Copilot in Windows app on Windows 11, when signed in to the browser or Windows with University of Illinois credentials ( or While signed in with other credentials, a Microsoft personal account, or not signed in, only the consumer AI features will be available for use.

How to use Copilot

The newly launched Copilot AI assistant provides University of Illinois faculty and staff access to intelligent conversation + image generation technology, all with safeguards for data privacy. You can use Copilot to boost productivity, spark creativity, and better serve students, all while upholding the highest data protection standards.

Note:  Though your queries (or prompts) are encrypted in transit and not stored by Microsoft, you should always verify any AI tool’s output for accuracy.

Copilot offers 3 modes of use:

copilot usage choices

  • More Creative: designed to be original and imaginative, the Creative mode grants you direct access to the capabilities of GPT-4, the most advanced AI chatbot created by researchers at OpenAI.
  • More Balanced: geared to provide an informative and friendly experience, the Balanced mode is the default choice, but does not utilize GPT-4 technology.
  • More Precise: By comparison, Precise mode results are more concise and straightforward. Similar to Creative mode, Precise mode utilizes the more advanced GPT-4 model.

How to tell if you are accessing Copilot with Data Protection

When properly signed in with correct credentials and licensing:

  • a Protected icon appears at the upper right corner of the window:
    Your personal and company data are protected in this chat
  • an orange Illinois logo appears in the upper left corner of the window
  • a notice that "Your personal and company data are protected in this chat" appears with each response

These logos and messages will not be present on the consumer version of the Copilot service.

Service Terms of use

The Copilot with Data Protection service offers additional safeguards surrounding the logging and use of the data submitted. Microsoft's references for their privacy and usage terms are available here:


The AI services from Microsoft are rapidly evolving, and this article will be updated as more information becomes available.

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