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Google Account Deactivations

This article discusses the process and steps for deactivating Google accounts that are no longer eligible for service.

What is happening?

The Google Apps team at Technology Services will be deactivating Google accounts that belong to people ineligible for the service. Our contract stipulates that access to this service is for current faculty, staff, sponsored affiliates, and students at the University. After a review of our records, your account is no longer eligible for the Google Apps service. Once you are informed that your account will be deactivated, you'll have about 30 days until your account's storage quota will be reduced to zero. At this point your account data will be read-only. After your account has been placed into a read-only state, you will have 60 days to delete your data or transfer your data. Please see the following article for using Google Takeout to export data.

Alumni are given their email address to continue to use for life. If this email address is currently using a University Google Workspace account then you will need update your email forwarding address to point to a new location to continue receiving email to this address. Please see the following article for updating your forwarding address in our EDE (Electronic Directory Editor) Tool.

How to set up email forwarding

When is it happening?

The process will begin on July 19, 2024. On this day, we will reduce your account’s storage quota to zero which will make the account data read-only. Approximately 60 days later on or around September 19th, your account will be deactivated and data will no longer be available. Approximately 30 days after deactivation, your account will be deleted and the data will be no longer recoverable.

How does this affect me?

If you have any email, photos, or drive files stored in the Google Apps service that you wish to keep, you will need to transfer them to another repository. If you are sharing files with another Google user, you might want to transfer ownership of the files so that they do not lose access. Google only allows the transfer of ownership of files to other University of Illinois Google Workspace Accounts so you will need to use Google Takeout if an ownership transfer does not apply. Please be aware that 30 days after receiving this notice, your account's storage quota will be reduced to zero and your data will become Read-Only. It will be held in a read-only state for 60 days, then you will no longer be able to login to the Google Apps service and access your files. During this hold period, you can request temporary access by contacting the help desk. After the hold period expires, we will permanently delete your account.  

What if I have questions?

If your account has been incorrectly identified, please contact your department’s IT support team. They can help you review your account status and contact Technology Services on your behalf.

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