Identity Management, Changing your NetID

Can I change my NetID?

We discourage changing a NetID due to the following:

If you still wish to change your NetID after knowing the risks, in order to better meet the needs of our users, a one-time NetID change is permitted if one of the following reasons are met. Staff members can change their NetID once without having met these criteria:

NOTE: If you use Exchange for your University email, you will lose access to your email for at least TWO BUSINESS DAYS while the change takes place.


How do I request a NetID change?

Please contact the Help Desk via or 217-244-7000. It is highly preferred you come into the Help Desk to change your NetID.

What are the length and character requirements for a NetID?

See Identity Management, NetID character rules.

What happens to my Active Directory username when I change my NetID?

The Active Directory username will be updated to the new name within two business days. You should continue to use your original username until it fails to work, and then you should switch to the new username. Please note that your Active Directory password will remain the same after a NetID change.

Group membership is preserved after the rename.

What happens to my password and 2-factor authentication after the change?

During the change, you will need to sync your password with your new Enterprise ID by using the "change password" option in the NetID Center. When your old password stops working, please reset it at the NetID Center (

In addition, once the change is complete you will need to re-enroll in 2FA. This is also done in the NetID Center.

What happens to my Exchange username and email address when I change my NetID?

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Emails sent to your old NetID email address will be forwarded to your new NetID email address for one year.

What happens to my Box account when I change my NetID?

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I have not yet claimed my NetID, but I want to change it. Can I do so?

If you meet one of the criteria above for changing your NetID, you may change it before claiming. This process is actually smoother than changing the NetID after claiming.