Illinois Compass 2g, Temporary guest accounts for Illinois Compass or Canvas using Active Directory

How may a department grant guest access to course materials in Illinois Compass 2g?

Occasionally, departments request guest access for Compass or Canvas. These requests are fulfilled by the creation of an account in Active Directory (AD) by the following policies and procedures: 

Active Directory Guest Accounts fall into two categories: 

  1. If a department expects to have a total of 10 or fewer guest accounts (total), these may be requested by emailing with the following information for each guest:

    • First name
    • Last name
    • Account expiration date
    • Email address (optional, but required if they want to email the person from inside of Illinois Compass)

    Additional information regarding these accounts:

    An expiration date will be set for two weeks following the end of the semester unless otherwise specified by the requester. A password file will be uploaded to and a ticket sent to the requester and the ELM-Tech Support consultant involved for access to the NetID/Password combinations.

  2. If the department has more than 10 guest accounts or has IT Professionals to manage AD accounts on their own, the department' s IT staff can manage the accounts in their own Active Directory OU:

Note: Technology Services cannot reset passwords for locally managed AD accounts. Department IT Pros will need to assist with password resets for accounts that have been created within their OU. 

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