VPN, CISCO AnyConnect, VPN Clients for Other Systems

This page contains links to download and installation instructions for VPN software for other operating systems.

Technology Services supports the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client on operating systems that are supported by Cisco.  Support is provided for Windows 7, and 8 for x86 processors only, and Windows 10 for both x86 and ARM processors; Mac OS X 10.14, 10.15, 11; Some versions of linux; iOS (iPhone and iPad); Android; Kindle; For other mobile devices - check the App store.

However, you may be able to configure your system to connect to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) server if your system offers a compatible VPN client.

To construct your own VPN connection method, you should configure your VPN client as follows:

These guidelines are available for reference, but you will need to work out the configuration of your own system and its VPN client.

Travelers: If you have another Cisco VPN software client installed on your computer already, you may be able to connect to the University VPN server using a guest account and that software.

Campus community members can share their knowledge about their devices at Community-developed VPN configurations. (external link) (Log in with your NetID and AD password to read and contribute.)