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I'm trying to use the microphone in a technology enhanced classroom but there is no sound. What should I do?

If the microphone in a classroom is not working, make sure the volume is turned up to the maximum level. Some classrooms will have a volume knob on the lectern, while others will have them on the touch panel. Some classrooms do not have volume controls at all. If you are in a classroom with one, make sure the "Mute" button is not depressed. 

If you are using the wireless microphone, change the battery. Extra batteries are typically provided inside of the cabinet.

If none of these strategies work, call Classroom Technologies at 217-244-7000. Let us know if you need a staff member to attempt a repair during your class session or if you would prefer to wait until after your class.
If you receive a call and cannot fix it, go to the room to attempt to fix it in person (or radio the other location to send someone if applicable). Come back and make a ticket  If you are unable to solve the issue, ask the instructor if they would like a technician to come as soon as possible or wait until class is over. If they would like someone ASAP, radio the technicians. If not, return to the office. In any case that the technicians are called, be sure to make a ticket for them when you return and assign it to the Technicians Group.

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