Office 365, Email, Outlook, Unable to open links within an email that's in my Junk Folder (spam control digests)

I'm not able to open links from within an email that's sitting in my Junk Mail folder. I'm not able to manage my spam control settings or release emails.

You may be having trouble opening these links because Microsoft Outlook has a default setting for disabling hyperllinks contained within emails that are in its Junk folder. This can prevent you from being able to change your Spam Control settings or perform other options with Spam Control because Outlook's spam filter will often place your digests in its Junk folder.

Therefore, to open any links from within Spam Control digests, or any other messages that has a link you'd like to open, you will need to move the email out of the Junk folder and into another folder such as the Inbox. The only other option is to disable Junk filtering within Outlook so that no messages are placed in the Junk folder.

Junk Filtering Options can be found on the Home Tab of Outlook in the Delete portion.