Networking, Wireless, How to manually set up IllinoisNet on Android OS/Chromebooks

Manually setting up a connection to IllinoisNet on an Android device is a two step process. First you need to download a wireless certificate, and then you need to configure your settings.

Note: Chromebooks won't need a certificate.

Note: Android 7.0 OS devices have had some trouble with the Certificate. If that is the case the setting "do not validate" should work.

Certificate download

  • Download the Certificate to your phone from
  • Go to Settings, security, credentials, “Install from Storage”
  • Navigate the folder structure until you find the certificate you downloaded and import it
  • Name the Certificate "IllinoisNetWireless"
  • If prompted for Credential Usage” please select “Wireless”

Configure your settings

Go to Settings > Wi-fi settings > Select IllinoisNet

When prompted for information fill in the following:
  • Network SSID = IllinoisNet 
  • Security = Enterprise 802.1x
  • EAP method = PEAP or TTLS
  • Phase 2 authentication = MSCHAPv2 
  • Identity = Your NetID 
  • Wireless password = Your NetID password
  • Show password = [leave unchecked] 
  • Check Advanced Options
  • Proxy = None
  • IP Settings = DHCP
  • CA Certificate: Select the IllinoisNetWireless certificate
  • Domain (if listed) =
  • Anonymous identity = [leave blank]

There are also community based configuration suggestions that have been submitted by others: Android Wiki Page