Email, Redirection, How to change where your email is sent

I would like to have my email be sent somewhere else.

See Email, Your Email Address and the Email Redirection for caveats related to redirecting your email to another account.  We encourage all University affiliates to use the Campus provided Google or Exchange email tools. 


You can login to and choose where to send your email. Any changes you make will happen in an hour or two.

Note that this will NOT move any mail that is already in your Inbox.

Graduate students or Staff/Faculty:

You will need to setup redirection in two places.

1. Log into the Electronic Directory Editor at with your NetID and Password
2. Replace with your preferred email address.
3. Hit "apply"
4. In a couple hours, all mail that is sent from "outside" campus (gmail, yahoo, etc) to will be sent to your new address.

1. Login to webmail at
2. In the mail pane, click on Options in the top right of the screen.
3. Select 'Create an inbox rule'.
4. Click 'New' under inbox rules.
5. For 'When the message arrives, and:', select [Apply to all messages].
6. For 'Do the following', select 'Redirect the message to...'
7. In the popup box that appears, type the email address that you wish to redirect to in the To: field.
10. Click Save
11. Click 'Yes' on the box that pops up asking if you would like to apply this rule to future messages.

NOTE:  The email relays are configured to sync with the information from the Electronic Directory Editor (EDE - every two hours:   If you have an email address then this email is sent to Exchange.  If you are forwarding your email to another and want to forward your email to the same email address then you will need a rule in Outlook/Exchange to forward > or the other address, yourID@someOther.domain

If you forward to then your EDE entry will control the redirection.
If you forward to yourID@someOther.domain then outlook/exchange will control the redirection.

Both will achieve the desired forwarding but forwarding to your account provides a single point of control (EDE) vs a  forward in Outlook/Exchange which will require you to change both EDE AND Outlook/Exchange if you want to forward to some other address in the future. 

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