Identity Management, How to Sponsor and Create NetIDs

Instructions for the Help Desk on creating and sponsoring NetIDs.

Some Extra Help employees who have been around a long time never received a NetID. These can be created by transferring the ticket to TechSvcs-Identity and Access Management. Once the NetID gets created, the Help Desk will need to issue a one-time password reset token.

Creating a (sponsored) NetID:

  1. Go to 
  2. Click "Request to create a NetID via web form". 
  3. Choose the number of entries (how many people need created).
  4. Add the proxy and the terminate date. We can only put up to 1 year from the current date. 
  5. In the "ticket number" field, enter R5409039 and click Continue. (This ticket is a placeholder from our old ticketing system.)
  6. Enter the UIN, Name and click Submit. 
  7. The NetID should be created within 15 min. You can periodically check Cerebro to see if it is ready by simply searching the UIN.
  8. Cerebro will also show the activation code under the NetID claim section.
  9. Notify the requestor that the NetID has been created through the ticket, and that you have sent them their activation code through the secure messaging application, PEAR (

  10. Send the activation code to the requestor using PEAR  and the following template:


    Here are the UIN(s), NetID(s), and activation code(s) for the sponsored account you requested.

    Name: Joe Schmoe
    NetID: jsmoe6
    UIN: 671123456
    Activation Code: 1234567

    They can claim their NetID by entering their UIN and activation code at


    Your name
    Tech Services

If a NetID has not been created for a newly admitted student yet and they have an accent or other special character in their name data (in Banner), then escalate the creation request to Tech Services.Identity and Access Management. You may get an error while submitting the form if this is the case.

Renewing/extending a sponsored NetID 

Please see KB Identity Management, Help Desk, 24 Hour Netid Extension for acceptable reasons to renew a NetID.

  1. Head to 
  2. Click "Request to renew special type NetIDs using via web form"
  3. Enter the NetID(s)/UIN(s) that needs renewed and ticket number R5409039. This ticket is a placeholder due to moving to TDX.
  4. Add the proxy and the renewal date (can only go up to 1 year) 
  5. Click "Renew Selected"
    1. If you receive an error about a name "mismatch", look the name up in iCard and submit a "request to create a NetID" following the above steps. This will correct the name in our system.
  6. Open up the NetID in Cerebro and refresh it every few minutes until you see that the "special" type has been added.
  7. Once you see that special type is added to the account, please notify the customer who submitted the request. There will not be a CSV file since it is an extension and not a creation.

To Terminate a Sponsorship:

To terminate a sponsorship before the original termination date (for example if someone left early), follow the same steps as you would to extend the NetID, but set the termination date to the next day. This will automatically expire the sponsorship that night.

For Batch Creates:

It needs to be submitted in the format UIN,First,Middle,Last

  1. Open Excel and enter the information in the following format:


  2. Do not include a header line.
  3. Save the information as a .csv file and then upload to the batch create tool.

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