Skype for Business, Adding Consumer Skype Users to Skype for Business Contacts

Consumer Skype accounts can be added to the contact list in Skype for Business. This you to communicate with Skype users while using Microsoft Skype for Business and vice-versa.

Microsoft Skype for Business supports connectivity with the consumer version of Skype. This connectivity lets Skype for Business users add Skype contacts using the contact's Microsoft Account.

Consumer Skype users can also add Skype for Business users to their contacts list.

Skype for Business and consumer Skype users will be able to communicate using instant messaging, see each others presence, and initiate audio calls.

Instructions for adding a consumer Skype user to your Skype for Business contact list can be found at:

What is a Microsoft Account?

If you use an email address and password to access services such as Microsoft OneDrive storage technology, Windows Phone, the Microsoft Xbox LIVE online game service, or the Microsoft email (previously known as Hotmail or Windows Live Messenger), that is a Microsoft Account

To set up a Microsoft account, see the Microsoft account sign-up page at: