Email, Spam Control, How to report a spam or phishing email

How do I report a suspicious email that I have received?

** NOTICE** We are currently using a new tool for some users called the ProofPoint Outlook Plugin that will help you report spam to Security in a new and expanded fashion. Please refer to the KB 109228 to use this option instead.**

To report a suspicious email, send the message with full headers to The best way to report messages is to create a new email and attach (drag-n-drop) the suspicious email as an attachment: Forwarding Email Messages as an Attachment

Email sent to: is automatically submitted to our vendor for evaluation
Note: If the email is returned to you as 'undeliverable', that's good news. It means that the phishing attempts are already known about by the spam control software that runs on the Exchange server


  • Contact info for the customer reporting the issue
  • Date/time the phishing email was received
  • Subject line of the email
  • Sender's address
  • Recipient's address
  • Are there hyperlinks in the body of the email; if so, what are the links to?