Office 365, Email, Exchange accounts

This page contains information about Office 365 and Exchange online accounts.

Eligibility for Exchange Accounts

Some campus individuals are automatically eligible for Exchange accounts; others can have accounts created for them by request.

Whether or not you are automatically eligible for an Exchange account depends on your identity type in the campus identity management directory. If you want to see whether your identity type qualifies for an Exchange account, log in to the Electronic Directory Editor and look at the contents of your uiucEduType field.

Automatically eligible for Exchange accounts

People in the following groups (determined by the following types) are automatically eligible for Exchange accounts:

If you are a member of one of these groups and do not already have an Exchange mailbox, your Exchange online mailbox will be automatically provisioned.

Account created by request

People in the following areas (determined by the following types) can have Exchange accounts created for them by request of the proxy or sponsoring department:

Account policies

Your login and password serve as your identity within the campus computing system and control access to sensitive personal information. Because of the potential for harm, it's very important that you never let anyone else use your account, login, or password - not even your parents, siblings, friends, or roommates. Any sharing is against campus computing policy and could result in losing your account privileges. A complete guide to the University's computing policies is located at:

Leaving the University

If you retire from the University, your Exchange account and email access will continue to be active. Pinnacle Department Managers can find more information at [Link for document 62397 is unavailable at this time.]

If you leave employment without retiring from the University, your Exchange account and email will be deactivated after you have been gone for 30 days.

Grad students who have graduated will lose access to their inbox after 1 year.

See Leaving Campus for Faculty and Staff for guidance on how to move your email and other departure-related timelines.

Help with your account

Technology Services Help Desk
phone: (217) 244-7000 or (800) 531-2531