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Email, Google Apps @ Illinois, Access Your Google Email and Calendar

This page describes how to access your Google hosted email and calendar from the web or a desktop or mobile client.

NOTE: IMAP and POP access to Gmail is now disabled for managed Gmail accounts.

This change is part of ongoing efforts to ensure email with senders from are actually from university resources and users. IMAP and POP requires users to manage a separate password, as they do not support NetID password and two-factor authentication. This external password can be compromised more easily, leading to users accounts being disabled automatically by Google and spam or malicious emails being sent in their name. Users must migrate to a client which support secure authentication before May 13, 2019.


The Gmail website is the best way to use your Google Apps @ Illinois email account.

Use the Google Calendar site to access your calendar if using Illinois Gmail.

Your Gmail can be accessed via web browser at

Supported browser are listed at Gmail Help: Supported browsers . Google requires cookies and Javascript be enabled.


Download the Gmail app from the Apple App Store.

Download the Google Calendar app from the Apple App Store.


  1. Download or update to the lastest version of the Gmail app
  2. Open the Gmail app and tap the Menu icon in the top left
  3. To the right of your username, tap the Down arrow
  4. Tap Add Account
  5. Choose Google as the account type and provide your email address
  6. Complete the login process to authorize

See Gmail Support: Sign in to Gmail, Android for more information.

Outlook 2016 and Window 10 Mail app

We do not recommend using Outlook 2016 or Windows 10 Mail app as your client for Google Apps @ Illinois Gmail account access due to security concerns.

Older versions of Outlook have reached the end of maintsream support from Microsoft and are not recommended for use with Google Apps @ Illinois.

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