PIE, How do I use publish.illinois.edu?

This article addresses how to accomplish some basic tasks in publish.illinois.edu (also known as PIE), the campus WordPress solution. If there is a basic task not listed here that you would like to see addressed, use the feedback button to let us know!

How do I...

... get to my dashboard?

... change the banner image?

... update my menu bar?

... change where my menu appears?

... add widgets to my sidebar?

The exact collection of widget locations available will depend on your theme. However, in general, there will be a list of Available Widgets toward the left of the page and a list of potential widget locations available toward the right of the page.

... move or remove my sidebar?

From your site dashboard, go to Appearance.

Some themes use the Appearance - >Widgets section to control sidebar contents. When all widgets are removed from a sidebar, the sidebar collapses.

Other themes use Appearance -> Themes -> Customize -> Widgets to control sidebar contents. Follow the guidelines for your theme.

... add a slideshow to my content?

  • FancyBox - creates a Mac-style image gallery
  • Lightbox Gallery - changes the view of galleries to the lightbox
  • Awesome Flickr Gallery - uses your Flickr account to display gallery images in your WordPress site

... select a new theme?

... get access to an existing site?

For access to specific websites hosted on publish.illinois.edu, contact the current owner or administrator of the site.

If you need access to a site that no longer has an administrator on campus, or if you don't know who the administrator is, please email consult@illinois.edu and provide:
  • The site URL
  • The reason you need access
  • The WordPress role you are requesting (administrator, editor, subscriber)
  • And any other information that will help us validate your request. 

If there is a current administrator for the site, we will work with them to process your request.

... permanently delete my site

You must have Administrator access to a Publish website in order to delete it. Visit your dashboard and choose Tools->Delete Site. If you do not see this option, you are not an administrator. If you know who the site administrator is, ask them to delete the site. If you do not know who the site administrator is, email consult@illinois.edu and we will attempt to contact the site administrator for permission to delete the site.